Artificial Green Wall Staircase

Privacy Screening Vancouver

Vistafolia's seamless foliage panels create the look of a lush, vibrant and energising green wall that instantly refreshes featureless spaces, such as the staircase walls of this Vancouver property.

For decorative screening for exteriors, Vistafolia's instant, easily customisable panel system provided the perfect cladding solution to creating interest along light-sensitive, confined spaces such as corridors and stairways.

Our flexible Signature "Green Wall" Panels, which can be cut systematically along grid lines to fit any surface dimension, liven up dull passages and generate new, attractive wall-display possibilities to heighten the user experience of a space.


The beautiful, organic forms of our greenery soften hardscape elements such as concrete and enhance the warmth of natural surfaces such as hardwood slatting.

For this project, Vistafolia’s Signature Panels were cut and shaped to fit the timber-clad walls of the property’s access stairs vertical garden area, enhancing the user journey through the space. Tapestries of green were interspersed with the timber throughout the wall, creating beautiful greenery displays that heightened the natural look of the space. Together with the marble steps, iron grillwork and brickwork, the stairs area showed off a dynamic play of materials.

Apart from delivering aesthetic benefits to the staircase environment, Vistafolia offered an excellent value proposition for exterior spaces. Our no-maintenance system eliminated the need for irrigation and upkeep for this high-traffic area and effectively dispensed with the problem of plant failure that complicated the use of living green walls.

Vistafolia’s UV-tested foliage panels, which comes with a three-year warranty, ensures robust colour year-round. The panels are rigorously tested to ISO standards, made to last and withstand any external environmental pressure. Our Signature Panels are manufactured to ISO 9001, making them weather-resistant in all climate conditions. The panels have been tested repeatedly for UV stability, to BS EN ISO 4892:2 2013 for 3,000 hours. The UV stability minimises fading, ensuring lush, year-round green for exterior environments, especially for privacy screening, outdoor rooms and roof terraces, giving privacy screening.

The easy fixing system also guarantees time-efficient installation, minimising disruptions to car park operations.

The gold standard for artificial green wall systems, Vistafolia vertical gardens provides practical and creative green screening solutions for a wide range of sectors, from hotels and property developments, corporate headquarters and public spaces, to homes and offices, retail stores, gyms and gardens. From decorative framing inside homes to massive outdoor projects, Vistafolia presents a new way of thinking green – offering real consumer value (aesthetic, therapeutic, time- and cost-effective) at no environmental cost.