Green Wall Vertical Garden Cladding

Outdoor Vertical Green Wall

Vistafolia's cost-effective and maintenance-free cladding Vertical Garden solutions are also quick and easy to install. This breathtaking artificial green walls was set up in only a day, transforming the 7th-floor Mayfair terrace into a luxurious rooftop recreation area. Our panels are effortlessly fitted onto any surface with our cleverly designed wall fixing system.

Discriminating clients likewise appreciate our attention to the smallest detail. The ultra-realistic foliage comes in a variety of lovely plant mixes that can be customized to client specification. Each panel seamlessly connects to the next, both as organic design and physical installation. Vistafolia's designers worked hard to capture the exact colours, shadings, dimensions and movement of real plants. For roof terraces, the UV-tested foliage options minimize fading.


If you’re into your golf, then surely at some point in your life you’ve dreamed of bringing the course to you? But when you live on the 7th floor of an apartment building in Central London (not a place renowned for its sweeping emerald fairways), then it might just seem like a long shot. But that’s where artificial comes in and for this client, the exciting synergy of artificial turf and artificial green walling turned that dream into a sensational reality.

Vistafolia’s Signature panels are suitable for almost any environment, whether they be indoor or outdoor, and can be installed onto virtually any substrate. At this apartment in Mayfair, the client’s outdoor terrace was completely unsuited to a real wall. The exposure to the elements would have made it an ongoing battle to keep the wall looking good, not to mention the ongoing costs for water and chemicals. Conversely, Vistafolia’s stunning range of accurately imitated foliage panels are not affected by exposure to high-winds, torrential rain or harsh sunlight. Instead, our market-leading 5-year guarantee gives every customer complete protection and ensures that the green wall installation will look great for years to come, without the need for hours spent tending to it.

Every one of our products is designed by hand by our experienced team to mimic the colors, tones and textures of real plants. For this client, the illusion of being out on the 18th was important and our use of 100% pure color pigments in every plant we produce helped to add to the theater of the terrace and set the scene for a practical putting green that can be enjoyed as often as the mood takes. Furthermore, our lush green color box really came in handy, adding bold textures and eye-catching bursts of color from our large grasses that gave the wall a really great, 3-D finish that puts our walls above any other product on the market.

Our purpose-built fixing system is designed specifically for Vistafolia panels, allowing for a no-nonsense, hassle-free installation that can be completed just as easily by our experienced installation team, or by our clients. No specialist equipment or skills are required to install the product and Vistafolia can provide fully comprehensive technical guides and instructional videos to talk you through the process, as well as offering technical support at the end of the phone should you ever need the help of an expert.