Green Wall Privacy Screening

Vistafolia crosses paths with USA industry

In a world where more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of wellbeing, we’ve found that an increasing number of businesses are getting in touch to ask us to transform their premises into a more relaxing space.

As our working hours take up a huge amount of our time, it’s vital that they are conducted in an environment which is inspiring. In recent months, we’ve worked with a lot of business clients to reimagine their space, both inside and out and, we were thrilled when a large American client asked us to tackle its office block pathway.


The client’s office building, which is in a busy city centre, is a stark white cement and glass structure. Although clean and functional, the client felt that the exterior of the building was a little cold and unwelcoming. The building is accessed by a wooden pathway with decorative coverings and featured glass doors and windows on one side and, a plain wall on the other – and, it was this bare wall which was crying out for a little Vistafolia magic.

As the pathway is quite narrow and, receives a lot of foot traffic, the Vistafolia team were mindful of the fact that the foliage wall needed to be kept neat in order to avoid leaves and grasses snagging onto visitors’ and employees’ clothing. At the same time, they wanted to create something which was luxurious with plenty of movement.

Beginning with plain green clusters of artificial foliage, the green wall was created to cover the entire length of the pathway. The team then added accents of pale green grasses, white ferns and rich brown shrubs to add depth and movement. The result was a transformed pathway which welcomes employees and visitors with a natural looking much needed touch of color.

The client, like many, is very much aware of the need for businesses to lead by example when it comes to our environment and, so, they were delighted to learn that Vistafolia’s artificial foliage is kind to the planet by doing away with water waste and pesticides, as well as being recyclable.

We were delighted to be able to add a touch of style to the exterior of the client’s building and, as always, were proud of the work completed by our creative team. At Vistafolia, our quality guarantee is everything to us and, each and every project, is delivered with care, responsibility and, the assurance of our ISO certification.