Green Wall Privacy Screen

Privacy Screening Atlanta

Vistafolia's innovative and flexible Artificial Green Wall design offers real customer value, providing excellent bespoke solutions for any client requirement.

This Atlanta roof terrace had a very long, south-facing space with parapet walls clad in metal sheeting, creating an environment too hot and inhospitable for real planting. The limited area coverage was also a big issue, as putting in living plant systems would significantly reduce the floor space and hamper mobility.

With our Signature Panels which can be customised to fit any conceivable dimension, VistaGreen fulfilled the client’s desire to look out to beautiful greenery by creating a simple solution to the problem with our versatile system and design expertise.


Our team fitted small brackets to the underside of the wall coping and then fitted a timber frame that did not damage the existing cladding. Vistafolia's lightweight Signature Panels then could be installed to create an instantly lush green environment with ample space for movement.

The panels were customised with individual soft lavender and large, 18-inch variegated grasses for tone and textural contrast and the appearance of thriving greenery running the length of the narrow corridor.

The final result was a stunning, year-round green screening needing no maintenance and providing a relaxing ambience for the client.

Vistafolia's flexible, lightweight and space-saving solution offered an excellent value proposition fuss-free green spaces for urban living, with versatile, creative applications; easy installation and maintenance; and practically the same therapeutic and aesthetic benefits as natural greening. Perfect for privacy screening gardens, patios and offices, with zero maintenance.

The product of careful engineering and detailed design by award-winning British horticulturalist Paul Alder, Vistafolia is an innovative, flexible and integrated artificial green wall system offering lightweight components and a fast and efficient fixing mechanism for easy installation and consumer use.

Vertical Gardens Atlanta

Vistafolia's painstakingly detailed foliage panels look like the real thing you have to touch and smell them to discover otherwise. Our flexible and innovative system offers creative design inspirations for architects and interior designers, providing them with an innovative and complementary plant display to transform facades into stunning vertical garden showcases of colour, texture and composition.

The naturalistic, random arrangement of the foliage on Vistafolia's Signature Panels mimics the natural growing patterns of living plants, creating a realistic evocation of nature that provides the same aesthetic and therapeutic benefits as real planting. With its life-like foliage panels that perfectly capture the colours, forms and movements found in nature, Vistafolia creates environments with a natural look that provide a sustained and uplifting affiliation with nature.