Green Wall in Tokyo, Japan

Artificial Green Walls Tokyo

Vistafolia® provides attractive, instant greening solutions for home interiors, enhancing indoor planting schemes or furnishing an alternative to high-maintenance and complicated living walls. And for this client in Tokyo, Japan, it was the perfect solution to make their garden come to life.

Our vibrant, hyper-realistic foliage and easy, three-panel solution delivers excellent value for property developers offering stylish home designs to prospective buyers. This display home in Tokyo showcases how our unique, low maintenance system is spearheading interior design trends, blending seamlessly with live planting to create beautiful indoor oases.


Supporting the living interiors movement with a practical greening solution, Vistafolia® enables homeowners to create refreshing, green environments that promote wellness and relieve everyday stress while keeping upkeep to a minimum. Designed to the minutest detail to mimic the colors, textures and movements of real planting, Vistafolia’s life-like appearance makes our foliage practically indistinguishable from living plants. Benefiting from the decades-long horticultural expertise of Vistafolia® founder Paul Alder, our Vistafolia panels display an amazing depth of color and convincing growing pattern.

Our patent-pending system also ensures a coherent design, without repetition. Any random combination of the Vistafolia Panels creates a vivid greenery display, eliminating the need to draw up a vertical garden design scheme. Overlapping foliage at the sides of each panel produce a seamless integration of the signature artificial green walls, creating beautiful, lush coverage.

Vistafolia’s panels can also be cut handily along the grid to fit into any surface dimension, enabling custom-fitting to irregular or bespoke shapes. Our easy fixing system likewise facilitates smooth and trouble-free installation, with a straightforward cap and tap-screw system that can be followed effortlessly by homeowners.

For maximum safety, our panels are also completely fire-rated and are tested to ISO standards. In addition, the panels can be easily removed for cleaning and watering, eliminating wall damage caused by moisture retention.

Vistafolia’s system is designed to create a personalized experience for the homeowner. Our Colour and Texture Boxes are separate, individual foliage which can be hand-tied to any panel to create a bespoke look. The Colour and Texture Boxes come in an exciting range of 8 options, ensuring that there is something for everyone. The look of the green wall can be changed depending on the homeowner’s mood and taste and as frequently as desired.

Increasingly the choice of design professionals and property developers, Vistafolia® is a dynamic and forward-looking company rooted in the UK’s horticultural heritage, technical excellence and creative leadership. We are fast gaining a reputation as an innovative, global brand sought out by the best names in home and commercial design.