Vistafolia Kitchen Wall livens House

Multi Family Residence in Seattle, Washington

Home is where the heart is, and a green home is a happy home. By introducing a stunning Vistafolia green wall display into their kitchen area, the residents of this property have turned what could have been a rather sterile part of the house into the best-looking room. Combining our Vistafolia panels with our breath-taking Delicate White Colour Boxes, the transformation from a plain white wall to a beautiful backdrop is stark in contrast.

The faux green wall was installed by Vistafolia distributors UpScapers, who were able to provide a full service from start to finish, leaving the client in awe of the final result and with a big smile on their face.

Importantly for family homes, Vistafolia green wall products are fully fire rated to the highest standards on the market, which make them perfectly safe for projects such as this where safety is paramount. Couple this with our world-leading 5-year warranty and it creates a recipe for the perfect green wall solution.