Faux Green Wall

Office Green Wall

The occupiers of this office on Vine Street, Central London, were in some need of some greenery for their office. Because it was indoors, the idea of a living green wall was quickly discarded because of the amount of upkeep required, and instead they focused their attention on a high-quality artificial solution.

Vistafolia prides itself on supplying and installing the very best green walls that the market has to offer. Our longstanding passion for detail and commitment to innovating, researching, and testing means that our replica green wall panels are the most realistic and reliable of anything in existence.

As well as beautifying areas, there a number of other benefits to artificial plants that are often overlooked. In an office space, and particularly in response to changing attitudes towards our workplaces, green walls can improve people’s mental health and wellbeing. Their artificial nature is not important in this instance, as studies have shown that looking at foliage that is realistic enough will have the same calming effect on people. They also help to absorb sound, which in turn creates a clarity of thought and thus, increases productivity. For anyone who dreams of running a more efficient operation, the benefits of Vistafolia should not be overlooked.

The client opted for a lush, textured, natural green finish for their wall and our team of installers utilized foliage from our texture boxes to complete the look. By combining this with our very carefully designed base panels, with their own tapestry of bold colors and natural shapes, the finished wall is the perfect conversation starter.


The reception desk had thin wooden strips running across it and thus the panels had to be adapted to the correct size to fit. Our team of installation experts rose to the challenge, creating a seamless look that kept within the boundaries while still looking stunning. In the corridor, leafy plants seem to burst from the wall, leaving a beautiful, totally lifelike look that brought a bit of the wow factor to the workplace.

Vistafolia have established themselves as the global leader in green walls. By offering the highest quality, customizable greening solutions, we are the number one choice when it comes to vertical gardening. Our products are suitable for any environment, so whether you’re working on a small residential project, or looking to add the finishing touches to a large-scale commercial job, Vistafolia delivers the very best, every single time.