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Greenery Installation

Vistafolia walls are the perfect topping for ice cream parlour. Pan-N-Ice is the smash hit dessert sensation created by Rob and Henry in 2015 and, specializes in fun, positive energy and, great tasting ice cream made right in front of the customer (hence, the pan part). The successful duo have been taking the world by storm with a number of events and pop ups, including a month in Top Shop’s 5th Avenue retail store installation in New York city. Having just secured a prestigious, permanent concession in a well known department store, Rob and Henry decided that they needed something a little bit special in terms of decor.

Pan-N-Ice’s image is colorful and fun and, for the new department store space, Rob and Henry wanted to take that image to the next level with an artificial greenery panel to complement their colorful, pastel interiors and, they called upon Vistafolia to help. Having something of a sweet tooth, our crew was, of course, more than happy to be of assistance!


On inspection of the concession, it was noted that space was limited – which meant that careful planning was required in order to avoid making the place look crowded. It was decided that a Vistafolia feature wall would be just the thing to bring the decor to life and, the team assembled panels of jungle-like greenery, accented by delicate white colour boxes to add eye-catching interest – even across a busy food hall. The result was a feature display wall which perfectly captures Pan-N-Ice’s energy and playfulness, without drowning the small space allocated. Once in place, we inserted Pan-N-Ice’s signature heart shaped neon sign and, the job was done.

Rob and Henry were bowled over by the quick and simple installation of the wall – they didn’t even have to close for business – and are now looking to add feature walls to their other concessions. Particularly important to the duo was the fact that Vistafolia’s artificial living walls are environmentally friendly in that they don’t require water or harmful pesticides. It was also important that, in a busy department store, the panels require almost no maintenance in order to stay looking great.

At Vistafolia , we pride ourselves on the incredibly high quality of our artificial walls – which is reflected in our unique five year guarantee. Lifelike and low maintenance, we’re always happy to work with customers like Rob and Henry to help turn their vision into lush green reality. In a space like the Pan-N-Ice department store concession, safety is of particular importance and, Rob and Henry were delighted to hear that all of our green walls are fire resistant.