Furniture Store Green Wall

Furniture Store Design

As most shoppers are aware, shopping for furniture can be time consuming and, occasionally stressful. To give customers a well-earned respite, one of the USA’s leading furniture stores recently installed a breakout area to its premises, providing a space for customers to take some time out and review their purchase options. At Vistafolia, we’re enthusiastic shoppers and were delighted when the owner of the store contacted us to ask for our help in making the breakout space into a haven of stylish tranquillity.

The ultra-modern furniture store is decorated to an extremely bright and clean theme of blonde wood, glass and metal which perfectly showcases the furniture on display. Although this looks great within the main parts of the store, it was felt that the overall effect was a little too cold and impersonal for the new breakout area. The owner had installed bench tables with stools and metal lamps in front of a large window and, felt that the area needed a little something to break up the one-dimensional design.


The Vistafolia team agreed and, after visiting the breakout area, felt that it would benefit from the installation of our signature green panels along the back wall of the space to form a respite from the glass and chrome.

For a finishing touch, the team introduced three large white planters and, placing them in front of the wall, filled them with matching foliage to add interest to the display in terms of texture and color; with the glossy white pots contrasting perfectly with the rich indoor green foliage.

A change is as good as a rest. The store owner was thrilled with the speed and efficiency of the installation and, the fact that our design perfectly complemented the store’s signature décor. As the store is constantly busy, it was important that our panels require almost no maintenance and are hard-wearing. As a store with strong ethics regarding sustainability, the owner was also extremely pleased that our Vistafolia artificial green walls are kind to the environment.

Created from only the finest quality materials, our ISO certification means that our customers can enjoy their new displays with complete peace of mind. In a busy store like this one, the fact that all of our artificial foliage is fire retardant is also incredibly important to the owner and his staff.

We were delighted to be able to help brighten up the store’s breakout room and, our versatile and beautiful panels can also be used to improve the exterior of stores and shopping centers – adding a peaceful oasis to a busy environment.