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At Vistafolia, we are passionately driven by our commitment to, and enthusiasm for, building uplifting and inspiring environments that enrich everyday life. Inspired by the spirit of nature, our ultra-realistic artificial green wall solutions are designed to thrive beyond the limits of conventional horticulture and where plants cannot grow. Whether to inspire a workplace setting, or invite tranquillity into the home, our recyclable green walls are designed and manufactured to transform, reimagine and even energise a variety of settings.

To secure our leading position in the global marketplace, we constantly innovate and invest in new research that will inform, develop, and enhance product design and durability. Our research covers ground, whether that’s anticipating creative demands for lifelike environments, or creating even better interactions between our artificial green walls and our customers. This pursuit for better product design and development, achieved through British expertise, is what aligns Vistafolia with innovation and market leadership.

Our Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with the University of Surrey

In 2021, we commenced our research partnership with the University of Surrey. We were successfully awarded a 2-Associate Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP), working in conjunction with the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Centre for Environment and Sustainability, and the Department Mechanical Engineering Sciences. After a two-year process, the project was able to fully commence. We now have three academics from the university and two associates full time who are leaders in material science.

The KTP project aims to develop and establish a new product formula for Vistafolia’s artificial foliage that involves environmentally friendly constituents, reinforcing our commitment to becoming the most conscious and sustainable option for consumers. Through research, we can explore the option of introducing biodegradable qualities into the design of a new product. The outcome will enhance recyclability performance as well as involving renewable, bio-based sources. Our new products will uphold the quality of safety and design standards exhibited in our existing products, including UV stability, fire retardancy, and an ultra-realistic aesthetic.

This partnership will centralise the role of research in developing Vistafolia products through an in-house R&D (research and development) centre, including a newly developed laboratory, which has been designed and equipped through this project. At the conclusion of this project, Vistafolia will become the market leader for sustainable plant walls.

Why Does this Partnership Matter?

Vistafolia entered this research collaboration with the University of Surrey to showcase how innovation can inspire new product design and sustainability, which seems imperative in the global marketplace of services and products. Before developing a more sustainable product, realised across its entire life cycle, it’s imperative to tap into the right expertise and knowledge.

This project represents the ideal opportunity to share ideas and transfer knowledge with key academics, just as much as this partnership will become the bedrock for meaningful change. Not only will access to laboratories accelerate the leading role of innovation towards sustainable artificial foliage, but sharing a diversity of expertise from Chemistry, Material Science, Mechanical and Process Engineering will help us centralise the R&D as a platform for facilitating future success.

Discover Our Research

British innovation is capable of creating meaningful change in our industry. Our commitment to a new generation of bioplastic plant walls is led by pioneering research in partnership with the University of Surrey. Working towards sustainable artificial foliage, our KTP Partnership will spotlight the capabilities of bio-based sources in product innovation.

Spotlight on Research & Development

The market worldwide for artificial plants will grow to over $8 billion by 2025, but the industry lacked any desire to innovate away from using polyethylene, which was introduced by Chinese manufacturers. This inspired Vistafolia’s strategy to develop a bio-based polymer with UV and FR additives that are recyclable and non-fossil-based products.

As Vistafolia are passionate about championing British innovation, we have invested significant time and finance into supporting this pioneering research study into bio-polymer plastics to drive sustainability in the sector.

Despite the costly process of research, where Vistafolia has invested 30% of its annual profits towards innovating its products, the outcomes are priceless. It’s unusual for small businesses to embark on industry-changing projects that invest in innovation to challenge conventional product qualities and flaws. Despite knowledge barriers, Vistafolia is helping this global industry transform by becoming more sustainable.

Academia opens a vast knowledge base that would otherwise be hard to channel through our work. Through continuous research and innovation, SME businesses have a technical advantage not only on the global market, but in how we control the manufacturing process. Sustainability has the power to change more than just our industry.

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