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It’s time to breathe new life into your walls. With Vistafolia artificial green wall panels, you can achieve the vertical garden you want, without the work. Whether you’re looking to brighten up your home or are working on a large commercial project, we’re here to help from start to finish.

Vistafolia® Artificial Living Walls

Our ultra-realistic, artificial green wall panels are brimming with natural-looking, varied foliage for a truly customizable look. Thanks to our unique 3-panel system, you can expect stunning, seamless coverage with no join lines or obvious patterns. And unlike a real living wall system – there’s no water required.

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Thanks to our panels’ complete coverage, compact foliage planting, varying planting heights and vibrant colors, you’d never know our green wall panels weren’t real!

Designed to Last

Made from the highest quality materials, our artificial green wall panels are all UV stabilized, meaning they won’t fade and will stay vibrant for years to come.

Fully Customizable

Not only can our panels be cut to specific shapes, our Color & Texture Boxes allow you to personalize your green wall, whether you want flowing wild grasses or a burst of fire-red flora.

Easy to install

The Vistafolia Fixing System has been specifically designed to allow for quick and easy panel installation. This robust but simple solution means panels can be removed and remounted effortlessly.

Where You’ll Find Vistafolia® Green Walls

Designing uplifting environments is second nature to us. Vistafolia’s seamless foliage is designed with flexibility and versatility in mind. No matter your creative application, whether indoors or outside, our stylish solution can thrive in even the most challenging settings. From vibrant airport facades to greener balconies, our green walls can reimagine any location for the better.

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What Makes Our Artificial Green Walls so Realistic?

To achieve an ultra-realistic, beautiful, artificial vertical garden, you need a product that provides seamless, vibrant coverage, is fully customizable and holds a wide variety of plants.

Vistafolia Products

3-Panel Solution

Thanks to our 3-panel solution of A, B and C panels, foliage placement is completely randomized. You won’t see any obvious planting patterns.

No Visible Join Lines

Our panels connect together seamlessly. There are no visible lines or squares due to the compact planting of 72 plants per panel.

Vibrant Colors & Tones

Our non-fading, ultra-realistic artificial foliage offers vibrant greenery and splashes of color. Different tones are intertwined to mimic fresh growth.

16 Plant Varieties

Each of our green wall panels contains 72 lush artificial plants made up of 16 different varieties, all with differing heights and textures.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

★★★★★ reviews on Google

Garden House Design
Home Owner Tracay
Botanical Gardener

The team at Vistagreen were brilliantly responsive and so quick to sort out what we needed. The process went smoothly from start to finish and the completed product looks fantastic. Can’t recommend them highly enough.

Emma N

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Investing in a Greener Future

Meet the in-house research team at Vistafolia’s R&D facility in Frimley, UK. We are proud to be partnered with the UK government, Innovate UK & The University of Surrey, leading our field in bio-based polymer research.

By purchasing Vistafolia, you are participating in our push for a better, cleaner future, as we reinvest our profits into developing sustainable and renewable products for the future

Click below to view more about the people involved in this exciting project and its current progress.

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Vistafolia® for Businesses

Vistafolia artificial green walls not only delight and wow customers and visitors, they can also improve the wellbeing of your workforce. Ultra-realistic, fully customizable, and maintenance-free, we’ll help you transform your commercial environment.

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Take a look at some of our previous work for inspiration on your project. Whether you’re looking to install an artificial living wall at home or within a large-scale development – see how we’ve helped over 5000 happy customers.

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