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Before and After Gallery

Roche Bobois’ Showroom

Vistafolia is the choice of clients who only select the very best in everything they do. Roche Bobois, themselves at the top of their field, used our artificial green wall panels to bring an element of luxury to their showroom, instantly transforming from grey to green and from dull to delightful.

ROCHE BOBOIS Before Artificial Wall ROCHE BOBOIS After Artificial Wall

Roof Garden

This roof garden had almost no privacy and was overlooked from all angles. By adding our panels around both sides of the balcony, the client was able to screen themselves from the outside world, while adding some beautiful foliage for them to enjoy while relaxing in the sun.

Roof Garden Before Living Wall Installation Roof Garden After Living Wall Installation

Roof Terrace

Whether enjoying your lunch or simply savouring some fresh air, looking out on to greenery can have a soothing effect on you, especially when it is realistic as ours. This London office roof terrace benefitted from its own peace of nature and enhanced the magnificent view across the city.

Terrace Before Artificial Wall Panels Terrace After Artificial Wall Panels

Stairway Entrance

This stairway entrance needed something to break up the monotony of the timber. By adding some Vistafolia panels, suddenly they had a no-maintenance, ultra-realistic green wall that gives the impression of stepping out into the most wonderful garden.

Stairway Entrance Before Installation Stairway Entrance After Installation

Trellis Covering and Screening

Sometimes the simplest projects are the best ones. This trellis atop a brick wall looked nice, but wasn’t practical as it allowed prying eyes in. But by creating a privacy screen with Vistafolia Panels, the client was afforded that all important discretion.

Trellis Covering Before Plant Wall Install Trellis Covering After Plant Wall Install

Office Space

Offices and workplaces across the world are reaping the rewards of our panels. Not only do they brighten up the office and add a splash of color to an otherwise dull wall, but they can bring many of the benefits of real plants because of how realistic they are.

Office Space Before Green Wall Office Space After Green Wall


Adding Vistafolia to lightwells is a popular request. We were able to provide this customer with a stunning transformative green wall, complete with beautiful cedar batons that turned a gloomy, functional area into the best-looking part of the house.

Light Well Before Plant Wall Install Light Well After Plant Wall Install

Car Park Entrance

The entrance to this car park was in need of excitement. The plain concrete walls were crying out for color and Vistafolia was the perfect solution. Our panels require no maintenance and can bring life to any area in no time at all.

Car Park Entrance Before Faux Wall Install Car Park Entrance After Faux Wall Install


Discover more about Vistafolia®’s passion for transforming indoor and outdoor spaces.

Office Space in London

This office space in the heart of London is home to some of the best tech companies in the capital. And what better to assert your place in the upper echelons than by making your competition jealous of your working space. The break out areas had our replica green wall panels installed to create a comforting environment, conducive to happy staff which in turn generates great business results.

Office Space in London Before Plant Wall Office Space in London After Plant Wall

Garden Real Green Wall Replacement

This garden green wall had sadly died. While living green walls look great, they can be laborious to maintain and, despite your best efforts, they can outgrow their housing. The client didn’t want to go through the hassle of real plants again and instead turned to our artificial solution to bring them peace of mind, while still looking as good as the real thing.

Garden Real Wall Replacement Before Garden Real Wall Replacement After

Furniture Store

Even from the outset, this furniture showroom knew that they needed some of our greenery to brighten up the place and present a beautiful atmosphere for their customers. Blank walls suddenly come to life and leave stunning backdrops for everyone to enjoy.

Furniture Store Before Artificial Plant Wall Furniture Store After Artificial Plant Wall

Sculpture Garden

Vistafolia is so lifelike that one might consider it to be a work of art in its own right. The trellis in this garden had become weathered over time and was in need of a refresh. By adding some of our beautiful panels, the setting for these fantastic sculptures was taken to the next level, while also adding some much needed privacy.

Sculpture Garden Before Plant Wall Install Sculpture Garden After Plant Wall Install


In some cases, Vistafolia itself can be the focal point of a space. This wall on a terrace was prepped for our panels as part of an ongoing makeover of the roof garden. Now, the client has beautiful swathes of foliage to gaze out upon whenever they’re out catching some rays.

Terrace Garden Before Green Wall Install Terrace Garden After Green Wall Install

Driveway McDonalds

Some of the world’s most recognizable brands can benefit from our greening solutions. McDonalds wanted to add a different element to this branch in Scotland and our maintenance-free panels were just the thing, bringing a touch of class to the golden arches.

McDonalds Before Artificial Green Wall Panels McDonalds After Artificial Green Wall Panels

Outdoor Garden

Any substrate will do for Vistafolia, no matter how big the challenge. Uneven concrete walls such as this one are easily tackled and are quickly transformed from ugly to beautiful with the simple addition of our green wall panels, along with some carefully chosen timber batons.

Outdoor Garden Before Artificial Green Wall Outdoor Garden After Artificial Green Wall


The green wall above this school entrance had not been looked after properly owing to it being difficult to access. Instead of continuing to struggle, the headteacher decided that it was time for a change and our replica panels mean that they no longer have to worry about keeping an eye on it.

School Before Plant Wall School After Plant Wall

Working Space

You only get one chance to make a first impression and what better way to make an impact with your clients when they enter the room than a lush faux green wall. By incorporating signage into the wall, the company also had an ideal branding opportunity that really added that wow factor.

Working Space Before Green Wall Working Space After Green Wall

Reception Area

This reception area was a little cold and uninviting. But with the simple addition of our panels, the space suddenly became warm and welcoming to any visitors heading up the stairs. The foliage doesn’t need any maintenance and doesn’t take up any valuable time in the office’s working day.

Reception Area Before Green Wall and Logo Reception Area After Green Wall and Logo

Hollywood Roche Bobois’ Showroom

At Roche Bobois’ showroom in Hollywood, where some of California’s elite come to choose their décor, they are greeted by a stunning green wall, fit to grace the very finest establishments. By adding a lush wall of lifelike foliage, the showroom makes a bold statement and creates an appealing environment for its clientele.

Hollywood Before Faux Wall Installation Hollywood After Faux Wall Installation

Hilton Hotel

From staring out at an ugly air conditioning unit, to gazing out upon an urban oasis, the rooms at this Hilton Hotel suddenly went from the cheapest rate to being some of the most sought after residences. By creating a completely bespoke frame, the Vistafolia paid for itself almost instantly after the asking price for the rooms shot up.

Hilton Before Green Wall Install Hilton After Green Wall Install

Office Space

What better way to embody the notion of calm than by adding some soothing green wall foliage. This blank wall was turned around in less than a day and is now a quiet area for those looking to escape the stresses of modern life.

Office Space Calm Before Office Space Calm After

Building Elevator

Frustrated waiting for that elevator to arrive? Relax and enjoy some greenery while you wait. Our walls navigate tricky corners and obstructions so easily that its difficult to think of a space that cannot be improved by the installation of one of our replica green walls.

Elevator Green Wall Before Elevator Green Wall After

Double Sided Suspended Green Wall

No wall to fix a wall to? No problem, we’ll sort you out. The foyer area of this office block was the perfect place to site some panels and make a bold declaration to anyone walking through the doors. The giant metal frame was constructed by our team to house the panels and brought some much-needed greenery to the party.

Double Sided fake wall Before Double Sided fake wall After


Is there a better sight to greet your guests than a breath-taking Vistafolia installation? The large wall that was in place did nothing for the imagination and was in need of something a little different. By creating an attractive green wall, the hotel gave guests a welcome to remember.

Lisbon Wall Before Faux Wall Lisbon Wall After Faux Wall

Real Green Wall Replacement

It can take a whole load of effort to keep a real wall going, not to mention the ongoing costs involved. For some clients, it can be all too much and despite their best efforts, the draw of an artificial solution is too much to resist. Once installed, our walls take care of themselves and free up that all important time to enjoy family life.

Real Green Wall Replacement Before Real Green Wall Replacement Before


By adding an artificial green wall to their London shop, Twinings Tea created a fun zone for tourists and visitors to chill out and upload the perfect selfie to Instagram. The plain wall was revamped and suddenly was the focal point of the store.

Twinings Green Wall Before Twinings Green Wall After
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