Faux green walls vs real green walls

Green walls are popping up everywhere. From home interiors that need an aesthetic lift to business spaces – indoors and out – where a pop of colour can make all the difference, the green wall is increasingly being recognised as a big asset. Green walls come in many different options, especially when it comes to […]

Our key advantages of having office screening

2020 has been a year of change across the country. As many businesses are now reimagining their office space during downtime. Office screening has always been a positive solution to many workplace issues, such as privacy and noise, and now provides a simple and cost effective way to help keep a workforce safe in terms […]

Privacy Screening Ideas: Artificial Living Green Vertical Screen Panels

History tells us that the Ancient Egyptians likely oversaw the creation of the first enclosed outdoor spaces created purely for aesthetic value, a precursor to the modern garden as a concept. And yet, while the emphasis has always been on creating something attractive to look at, it has also been important that prying eyes are […]

Top 6 benefits of vertical gardens

Vertical gardens are becoming increasingly popular in both professional/corporate and residential spaces. Artificial vertical gardens in particular provide a simple way to enhance the aesthetics and quality of both indoor and outdoor areas. A high quality vertical garden is a distinctive feature and can contribute to a positive experience of the space for those using […]

Our top benefits of using artificial plants in your hotel

Plants bring something special to interiors. However, you don’t need to tackle real plants to benefit from the aesthetic and environmental enhancement of greenery indoors. Artificial plants today provide a wealth of choice and a much simpler way to bring some of the outside in than dealing with the maintenance of live plants. These are […]

Artificial Grass, Astroturf and Green Walls: How These Became So Popular

When I was a kid, you didn’t say artificial grass, you said Astroturf. It sounded quite exotic but that’s pretty much where the romance ended. It got its name from its first appearance in the Houston Astrodome, an indoor sports stadium where the original real grass surface had given up the ghost when glare-reducing paint […]

The top benefits of fire rated artificial green walls

Fire safety is always a priority when you’re considering design, both for exteriors and interiors. However, this doesn’t have to come at the expense of aesthetics. Fire rated artificial green walls are made using fire retardant artificial plants that look incredibly realistic and bring a swathe of nature into any space. There are a lot […]

The pros of an artificial green wall

An artificial plant wall has a lot to offer any environment, not just when it comes to aesthetics but atmosphere too. Not only will an artificial green wall look great and bring all the benefits of plant life into the space where you place it but it also requires minimal maintenance and has a shelf […]

Our 5 benefits to having artificial plants in your office

Have you heard of ‘biophilia’? This is basically the inbuilt desire that all humans have to be closer to nature. Despite the fact that this need is pretty much universal we have still designed many of our spaces today excluding nature from them. This is a shame, as having plants in your space has many […]

How are artificial plants affecting store trends?

Human beings have an innate need for affiliation with other living things – this fundamental drive is something that is increasingly influencing store trends where retailers are looking for simple ways to boost sales and increase customer satisfaction. Being close to natural elements has a calming and grounding effect on humans, whether those elements are […]

What's better real or artificial plants?

This question used to be a no brainer – real plants always won. However, gone are the days when an artificial plant looked plastic and had very little lusciousness or believability to it at all. Today, artificial plants are often so real that you have to touch them to work out whether they’re alive – […]

How important can plants be in a retail environment?

The retail environment matters a lot when it comes to customer experience today – and customer experience is the key to building loyalty and brand resilience. Plants, including artificial plants, have a lot to add to any retail environment and this is something that more and more retailers are beginning to realise. Increasingly since COVID-19, […]

Panel sustainability in harsh environments

Panels can be used to create unique and striking vertical gardens that bring colour and vibrancy to any environment. Hand tied and interlocking Vistafolia panels provide a natural finish using artificial plants for minimal maintenance and optimum impact. One key question that often comes up is panel sustainability, especially in harsh environments. If you’re investing […]

5 benefits of artificial plants

If you’re interested in a greener aesthetic for your interiors and exteriors, then artificial plants have a lot to offer. Thanks to advances in design and finish it is often difficult to distinguish between an artificial plant and the real thing today. As a result, there is no compromise when it comes to appearance and […]

How do you know that the green wall you’re buying is of good quality?

A green wall can be a great feature that transforms a space and brings vibrancy and life to interiors or exteriors. However, not all green walls are made the same. If you want to make sure that the green wall you’re buying isn’t just a cheap, mass-produced product that won’t stand up to the test […]