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Green Walls for Gardens

Our green walls perfectly complement existing garden spaces. Where living plants may struggle to grow on walls, our hyper-realistic artificial green walls stand the test of time, weather and environment, and seamlessly blend in with your existing living plants.


For architects, landscape gardeners and home designers, using Vistafolia in your next project shows your clients that you use industry leading, environmentally aware products.

garden natural looking faux living wall

Green Walls Can Extend a Garden Space

Smaller gardens, or those with limited ground space, will feel the benefit of a Vistafolia artificial green wall in their garden. It allows the greenery of grass and shrubbery to be extended up a wall, creating a space that is welcoming to all.

It also allows for walled gardens or courtyard gardens to maximise the space available. Our walls are regulated by stringent fire safety tests ensuring safe installation and use, giving you complete peace of mind.

A Vistafolia green wall installation on a fence in Derbyshire

Garden Green Walls that Reduce Maintenance

More severe, unusual, or even challenging settings can suffer from full sun, traffic, pollution, and even toxic emissions. Not all locations are desirable for natural

For many premium clients of Vistafolia, low maintenance is a key priority. They often have busy schedules and may be out of their house for extended periods of time. Therefore, as a reduced maintenance and long-lasting solution, the Vistafolia panel is the answer.

Our artificial green walls, thanks to their requirement for minimal maintenance, can also be placed in unusual spaces or behind other features, allowing for a fully integrated green wall that complements existing design features.

Replica Living Green Wall Installation in a Private Garden

Luxury Green Walls Without the Hassle

If you don’t consider yourself to be particularly green fingered, you might think that even an artificial green wall is too much for you. But it doesn’t have to be.

Vistafolia can assist you every step of the way. From creating a design, to completing the green wall installation, we’ve got you covered on every step of your faux plant wall journey.

Contact our team of green wall experts today to find out exactly what we can do for you.


Our artificial green walls adapt to any setting, from curved walls to particular cut-outs, making them perfect for gardens, where wall space can vary. Vistafolia panels are also the most realistic on the market, and will blend with existing plants seamlessly, thanks to our continuous product research and development.

Vistafolia’s panels are also:

  • Low maintenance and can simply be gently hosed down to clean
  • Best-in-class fire and UV ratings with unique blend
  • Covered with a world-leading five-year guarantee
  • Easy to install in any space and onto any material
  • Customizable to moods and seasons with our color and texture boxes


In gardens, a living wall can seem like the perfect solution. But the weight, requirement for regular irrigation and ongoing upkeep and temperature regulation, creates a higher carbon output than they reduce, not to mention the ongoing need for chemicals.

Therefore, an artificial green wall can be the answer to your space. Green walls from Vistafolia are:

  • Lightweight – only 7kg per panel
  • Cost-effective, lower upfront cost and longer lifespan
  • Stunning all year round, regardless of weather or temperature
  • Suitable in any lit conditions


Vistafolia® artificial green wall plants are meticulously designed from step to tip. Every detail of nature is captured, and prototype after prototype is created and refined until we have the most hyper-realistic replica green wall possible. This attention to detail, along with the patent-pending technology in our panel and joint system, put Vistafolia® vertical gardens in a class of their own.
UV-IFR Technology
UV-IFR Technology
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Why Choose Vistafolia?

Close up of White-Flowers within artificial green wall

Our 3-panel solution combines our A, B and C panels for randomised foliage placement. This means there’s no repetitive patterns.

beautiful realistic plant wall in office

Our panels seamlessly interconnect, and due to the varying patterns and compact planting, you will never see visible join lines or squares.

Vistafolia garden artificial green wall

We pride ourselves on our hyper-detailed artificial foliage. Each of our panels are packed with lush greenery and splashes of vibrant colors (if you wish).

Close up of artificial plant wall with lavender plants

To ensure a rich tapestry of texture, there are 72 lush plants per panel and 16 different varieties of plant included – all varying in height.

Sustainable Green Walls

Through our internal research and innovation, our artificial green wall panels can be recycled and re-purposed for a different means, making Vistafolia the only artificial plant wall supplier with the knowledge and ability to do this.

Combined with the research towards sustainable artificial foliage, Vistafolia is aiming to develop a sustainable product at all stages of its life cycle. Making our faux living wall the only choice for those who are looking for a more environmentally friendly product. You can find out more about our quest to create a more sustainable product here.

sustainable foliage
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