Vistafolia Panel

Perfect Design to Last

Unique 3 Panel Solutions

The Next Generation Of Green Walls Has Arrived

Vistafolia artificial green wall plants are meticulously designed from step to tip. Every detail of nature is captured, and prototype after prototype is created and refined until we have the most hyper-realistic replica green wall possible. This attention to detail, along with the patent-pending technology in our panel and joint system, put Vistafolia vertical gardens in a class of their own.

UV-IFR Technology

Fire Rated

Quality Standard

Low Maintenance


The only artificial green wall manufacturer with a dedicated and seasoned research and development staff to continue the evolution of the next generation of artificial plants.

Vistafolia R&D

A commitment to innovation and a desire to push boundaries

This R&D ensures a steady stream of upgrades, enhancements and fresh looks for your vertical garden for years to come should you ever want to change out your style.

Quality Assurance

Manufacturing in controlled conditions to ISO 9001 International Quality Standards

The UV and Inherited Fire Rated technologies in the Vistafolia vertical garden panels have been thoroughly tested to certified, independent third-party standards to meet and in many cases exceed positive test expectations.

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Whatever your goal, garden transformation, interior enhancement or creating privacy or separation, every Vistafolia “Green Wall” system is stunning and unique. We invite you to discover the hyper-realistic artificial plants that make up the Vistafolia system for yourself. Get in touch with us today.