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real-looking plant wall in Derbyshire garden

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Installing an Artificial Green Wall in Your Garden

Are you looking for a way to add a touch of green to your garden without the hassle of maintaining living plants? Consider installing a replica living green wall! While some people’s instinct might be to opt for a real green wall, artificial solutions still have many benefits and should not be overlooked. In this blog, we’ll explore five reasons why you should consider installing an artificial green wall in your garden.

  1. Low Maintenance: One of the biggest advantages of artificial green walls is that they require very little maintenance. Unlike living plants, artificial plants do not need to be watered, fertilised, or pruned. This makes them an ideal choice for those who want a beautiful garden without the hassle of upkeep.
  2. Long-lasting: Good quality artificial green walls are designed to be durable and long-lasting. They are made from high-quality materials that are UV resistant, meaning they won’t fade or deteriorate in the sun. This means that your artificial green wall will look great for years to come. Vistafolia products come with a world-leading 5-year warranty to give you complete peace of mind.
  3. Customisable: Many fake green walls are highly customisable, meaning you can choose the exact design and style that suits your garden. You can choose from a variety of plant species, colours, and textures to create a unique and personalised look. Vistafolia’s range of Colour and Texture Boxes ensure that every green wall we install is suited to your tastes.
  4. Space Saving: Artificial green walls are a great solution for small gardens or limited outdoor space. By going vertical, you can add greenery to your space without sacrificing valuable ground space. This is especially useful for urban gardens or balconies.
  5. Year-round Greenery: Unlike living plants, artificial green walls provide year-round greenery, even in the depths of winter. This means that you can enjoy a beautiful garden no matter what the season and always have something nice to look at.

In conclusion, artificial green walls offer many benefits including low maintenance, long-lasting durability, customization, space-saving, and year-round greenery. While they may not improve air quality like living plants, they are an excellent alternative for those who want a beautiful garden without the hassle of upkeep. Consider installing an artificial green wall in your garden to create a stunning and low-maintenance outdoor space. Contact Vistafolia today to find out how.


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