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Artificial trailing plant installation for a London office

Green Thumb Not Required: How to Style Hanging Artificial Plants in Your Home

Do you desire the lush beauty of hanging plants in your home but lack the green thumb to keep them thriving? Enter the world of hanging artificial plants — a perfect solution for bringing the outdoors in without the worry of maintenance. In this how-to guide, we’ll explore the art of choosing and styling hanging artificial plants to elevate the aesthetics of various indoor areas.

1. Choosing the Right Hanging Artificial Plants:

  • Consider the Space: Before selecting hanging artificial plants, evaluate the space where you intend to hang them. Different areas might benefit from varying styles and sizes. For instance, cascading plants like ivy work well in living rooms, while more compact options like ferns are suitable for bathrooms.
  • Match Your Decor Style: Choose hanging artificial plants that complement your decor style. Whether your home is modern, bohemian, or classic, there’s a wide variety of artificial plants to suit every aesthetic. Consider the colors, textures, and shapes that align with your overall design theme.
  • Select Quality Materials: Opt for high-quality artificial plants that mimic the look and feel of real plants. Realistic details, such as textured leaves and vibrant colors, contribute to the authenticity of the artificial plants.

2. Styling Hanging Artificial Plants:

  • Suspended Greenery in the Living Room: Create a focal point by hanging artificial plants in your living room. Consider placing them in decorative macramé hangers or stylish hanging pots. Group multiple plants for a more dramatic effect.
  • Kitchen Elegance: Hang artificial herbs or trailing plants in your kitchen to add a touch of greenery and culinary charm. Artificial plants are an excellent choice for kitchens, where real plants might struggle due to fluctuating temperatures and humidity.
  • Bathroom Oasis: Transform your bathroom into a spa-like oasis with hanging artificial plants. Choose moisture-resistant options like artificial ferns or orchids. Hang them near windows or from shower curtain rods to create a refreshing atmosphere.
  • Bedroom Serenity: Enhance the tranquility of your bedroom with strategically placed hanging artificial plants. Consider using a variety of plant types and lengths to create a dynamic and calming effect. Hang them near windows or above bedside tables for maximum impact.

3. Maintenance and Care:

  • Dust Regularly: Just like any other decor element, hanging artificial plants can accumulate dust. Gently dust the leaves regularly to keep them looking fresh and vibrant.
  • Adjust Placement as Needed: Artificial plants are versatile. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different placements until you find the perfect spot. Move them around to refresh the look of your space.
  • Ensure Secure Hanging: Ensure that your hanging system is secure and can support the weight of the artificial plants. Use appropriate hardware and follow installation instructions to prevent accidents.


With hanging artificial plants, you can effortlessly bring the beauty of nature into your home without the need for a green thumb. Choose plants that complement your space, style them creatively, and enjoy the visual appeal they add to your living areas. Whether in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom, hanging artificial plants provide an easy and stylish way to enhance your home’s decor. No green thumb is required — just a love for greenery and a desire to elevate your living space!


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