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PROJECT SPOTLIGHT: Ireland Office Fit Out

In the ever-evolving world of business, the significance of crafting inspiring work environments cannot be overstated. At Penrose Dock, Cork, Ireland, one forward-thinking client fully embraced this ethos, enlisting the expertise of Vistafolia and Interactive Interiors to breathe life into their workspace.

This office space, a brainchild of Cork-based Interactive Interiors, was meticulously designed with innovation and collaboration at its heart. Embracing the principles of work-life balance and the creation of engaging workspaces, this office boasts a range of thoughtful elements.

Central to the client’s vision of an inspiring workspace was the inclusion of office green walls. Enter Vistafolia, the pioneers in artificial green wall solutions. Thoughtfully positioned in multiple areas throughout the space, these lush artificial green walls serve not only as spatial dividers but also as vibrant accents against the backdrop of otherwise pristine white walls. This installation not only met the need for low maintenance but also elevated the overall ambiance of the workspace, infusing it with a revitalizing burst of greenery.

In an era where environmentally conscious workplaces are on the rise, the trend of incorporating green elements into office designs has gained significant traction. Vistafolia’s reputation has been steadily growing, particularly among tech-oriented companies seeking innovative greening solutions. While the incorporation of real plants might be unfeasible or impractical in many office environments, Vistafolia’s artificial green wall panels offer a compelling alternative. These panels are meticulously designed to replicate the organic growth patterns of living plants, delivering the same aesthetic and therapeutic benefits as their living counterparts.

Beyond their captivating visual appeal, Vistafolia’s panels are a testament to meticulous engineering and design. Guided by founder Paul Alder, an award-winning British horticulturist, Vistafolia’s team of experienced horticulturists has developed an integrated system that overcomes the challenges associated with real green walls. This innovative system features lightweight components and a swift fixing mechanism, ensuring seamless installation and user-friendly maintenance.

In essence, Vistafolia offers a creative avenue for companies like the one in Cork, which prioritize employee engagement and a dynamic work culture. If the idea of a verdant office space resonates with you, it’s time to engage with the experts at Vistafolia. Your workspace could soon be transformed by the allure of an office green wall, enriching aesthetics and fostering a nurturing work environment. Contact us today to embark on this transformative journey.


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