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Artificial Plant Wall on a Starbucks in Dallas Texas

PROJECT SPOTLIGHT: Starbucks Green in Texas Hospital

The benefits of incorporating greenery into our surroundings are no secret. Whether it’s in our homes, offices, or even healthcare facilities, plants have the remarkable ability to enhance our well-being and create visually appealing environments. But what if you could achieve these benefits with artificial plants that are so realistic, they rival their living counterparts? Starbucks at the Children’s Medical Centre in Dallas, Texas, did just that, and the results are eye-catching.

Beyond the Ordinary: Transforming Starbucks at the Children’s Medical Centre

The exterior of this particular Starbucks branch, like many others, was clad in hardwood—a simple, unassuming façade that hardly captured the imagination. The challenge was clear: how to make this coffee haven stand out, especially in a space where aesthetics matter. Enter Vistafolia, known for crafting stunning replica living walls, and their partner in Texas, Greener Walls. The transformation of the store’s exterior is nothing short of astounding. But it doesn’t stop there; the addition of a whimsical frog figurine adds a delightful touch that makes the passerby pause and smile.

Why Are Companies Worldwide Turning to Vistafolia?

The choice made by Starbucks to embellish its exterior with Vistafolia’s faux green wall speaks volumes. Many businesses, just like Starbucks, are increasingly seeking innovative greening solutions. They are looking for quick, readily available solutions that don’t consume valuable man-hours and are virtually maintenance-free. The concept of a living green wall might have been considered, but the cost of maintenance and the logistical challenges ruled it out.

What sets Vistafolia apart is not only the visual appeal but also the practicality. Scientific studies have revealed that artificial plants, when convincingly lifelike, can offer the same health benefits as real plants. This realization has made Vistafolia’s replica living walls an appealing choice for businesses, especially when the practicality of maintenance and access is considered.

Meeting Stringent Requirements: The Ideal Solution for Hospitals and More

When it comes to internal installations, especially in places like hospitals, Vistafolia’s faux green walls are designed to meet rigorous standards and comply with the strictest regulations. Safety and compliance are non-negotiable, and that’s why some of the world’s biggest companies choose Vistafolia. Customizability is another hallmark of Vistafolia’s green walls, ensuring that each installation is tailored to the client’s unique tastes.

If you’re envisioning a greener, more appealing workspace or business exterior, it’s time to consider Vistafolia. Get in touch with our dedicated team today, and let’s embark on a journey to make your space more inviting, visually striking, and health-enhancing. Experience the magic of Vistafolia and see the transformation for yourself.


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