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artificial ivy plant hanging down from ceiling

Artificial Ivy: The Perfect Compliment

Real and artificial green walls have become very popular in recent years and customers often look for ways to compliment these plant walls. Planters have always been a great way to compliment the greenery, but trailing Ivy has become the latest fashion. Artificial ivy is very versatile and can be used as a trailing plant to add volume to balconies, fences and pergolas alike.

Vistafolia’s faux ivy can also be used in a planter, in conjunction with our various other artificial plant boxes. The fake ivy plant box can also be used in one of our Vistafolia panels for added customisation. The artificial ivy from Vistafolia is the most lifelike artificial plant on the market, this is because of its meticulous design and development.

History of ivy

Ivy, is also known as common Ivy or hedera and belongs to the Araliaceae family. It is native to western, central and southern Europe, Macaronesia, north-western Africa and across central-southern Asia east to Japan and Taiwan. If you would like to learn more about ivy, please click here.

Benefits of artificial hedera

There are benefits for both real ivy and faux ivy, but ultimately, it comes down to the needs of the customer. Artificial Ivy doesn’t need any sunlight, it requires no watering and can be planted anywhere. If zero maintenance is what your after, then artificial is the best option for you. Real ivy is an evergreen plant, the main benefit it offers against artificial ivy is air purification.

How to install artificial ivy

Our artificial ivy colour and texture box can be slotted into our Vistafolia panels with a cable tie. Simply brush aside the existing foliage and slot the stem into the steel grid, then, secure with a cable tie and cut off the excess. A similar approach can be used when securing the faux ivy to a fence or pergola. Use a cable tie to secure where possible, alternatively, thin wire can be used to secure the ivy as it trails. However, if installation isn’t your forte, why not get our experts to install it for you.

Get in touch

If you want to install artificial ivy in your home, garden, or want to add it to you green wall, please get in touch.

fortworth terrace green wall trailing ivy
Close Ups Trailing Artificial Ivy
Trailing Ivy in Office Atrium


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