Artificial Green Wall Foliage

Artificial Green Wall Foliage

Giving our planet a sporting chance. As we become increasingly aware of issues which affect our environment, around the world, governments and leaders are becoming ever more proactive in terms of eco issues including the reduction of single use plastics and paper waste.

In addition to these issues, The World Resource Institute has revealed that, worldwide, we waste a staggering 45 trillion gallons of water every year on unnecessary use for washing cycles, chemical dyes and gardening. Proactive cities such as Portland are tackling this wastage by cutting down on the amount of water used in gardens and sporting venues.


How does your garden grow? Nothing is more eco-friendly than natural vegetation, right? Wrong – unfortunately, the grass, hedges and plant life in our gardens all need a huge amount of water to survive.  In addition, many of us rely on pesticides to protect our plant life from bugs and other nasties, pesticides which, unfortunately, contain chemicals which are harmful to wildlife and our environment.

More and more residents are getting on board with helping our planet by replacing organic vegetation with new, eco-friendly, artificial varieties. These days, artificial foliage and grass are a far cry from the days of fake, plasticky versions. Today’s artificial foliage is incredibly natural looking and feels great to the touch.

Safe and pleasant for children and pets, a garden made up of artificial turf and, beautiful, artificial green walls look great and is low maintenance privacy screening- as well as being a hero for our planet.

Be a good sport. These days, artificial foliage is becoming such a popular option that many sporting venues and country clubs are switching it out for their organic versions. Tennis courts, golf courses and club houses are now all benefitting from the stylish, eco-friendly and UV protected option of artificial foliage and turf and, many more are set to follow – which is great news for budding athletes; and for our planet.