Chicago Glenview

Faux Living Green Wall

Many words come to mind when you think of Vistafolia. Our panels can evoke many emotions and thoughts when gazing upon them and one word that comes up again and again is stylish. Designed to not only meet the highest possible testing standards, but also to look as completely natural and authentic as possible, our panels are arguably the epitome of style and are a must have accessory for those who want to stay at the top of fashion.

This premises in Glenview just outside Chicago needed was crying out for some green to accompany the presence of the red, white and blue. The showroom has been transformed into a warm, inviting environment that welcomes clients through the door with a striking green wall. The large-scale installation is impactful and immediately grabs your attention and makes you want to go in for a closer look, and it looks completely at home amongst the comfy hanging chairs and hand-crafted pool table.

One of the main concerns on a replica green wall installation of this size would be whether the finished wall would look natural. After all, a number of solutions available on the market use the same panel over and over again, belying the random nature of a living green wall. But Vistafolia have overcome this issue with a number of unique and ingenious solutions.


Firstly, our patent-pending 3-panel solution allows panels to flow from one to another, no matter how they are arranged, meaning that they can be installed in a random fashion, eliminating repetition while promoting a natural aesthetic. The carefully designed planting overlap also aids in removing joint lines between panels, something that is all too common with inferior products. 

Once installed onto the wall, our exciting range of colour boxes are utilised to not only add the finishing touches, but also give that extra little bit of spontaneity to the panels. The loose foliage can be inserted anywhere that feels right and in this case, the sprawling ferns, delicate ruscus and textured grasses break up any duplication that may have become visible.

Vistafolia is the number 1 global solution for greening spaces and bringing a breath of fresh air to a space that is crying out for some colour. Our system is completely versatile and is equally at home whether installed as 1 panel or 100. Furthermore, they can be installed inside or outside and onto virtually any substrate. If you can imagine it, we can make it a reality.