Des Moines

Green Wall Focal Point

The benefits of adding Vistafolia to a wall are numerous and varied. It adds an attention-grabbing focal point that draws the eye, and it adds colour to spaces that would otherwise be a little monotonous. At this installation in an office facility in Des Moines, Iowa not only brightened up the room and created an uplifting, energising environment, but also had some useful acoustic effects on the room which is used predominantly as a lecture room.

Vistafolia panels are designed to create a look as faithful to a living wall as possible and as such, are put together with a very deliberate and careful selection of planting that creates seemingly random patterns, variations in heights and depths and a whole host of colours and shades. By having this variety of shapes and sizes, the acoustic qualities are simply a happy by-product, but a welcome effect nonetheless. By having two separate blocks of wall at opposite ends of the room, the panels absorb a lot of the sound that reverberates around the room, creating a much crisper quality of sound, crucial in a space where being heard is key.


To accentuate their wall, the client chose the soft lavender colour box. These boxes not only add bursts of exciting colour that create yet another dynamic to the wall, but also act to generate extra randomness in the wall, giving the most realistic aesthetic possible. Our range of 8 exciting options mean that there is something to suit everyone’s taste, and the option to mix them up and create your own style means that no two installations are the same.

This indoor environment would have completely unsuitable for a real wall. The height of the wall off the ground would have made maintenance very tricky and the time taken to allow for the plants to settle would have been far too long to meet the deadline that the client was working to. Instead, our artificial solution is suited to even the trickiest locations because the absence of any maintenance requirements mean a hassle-free wall every single time. Our purpose built fixing system allows for a seamless installation every time and in most cases doesn’t require any preparation to the existing substrate.

Not only are the panels easy to install and completely natural looking, but they’re also fire rated to the highest standard available on the market. Other products may not have completed this testing, which in turn may not make them safe to install. Safety and peace of mind is of paramount importance to us which is why we never compromise on the high standards that we set ourselves.