Fourth of July Greenery Foliage Displays

Green Wall Props & Themes

The fourth of July is one of the biggest celebration event in the United States calendar and, this year, we had more reason to celebrate than most as we showed off our skills with a vintage American vehicle during the holiday.

Marking America’s independence from the crown in 1776, Independence Day is a National holiday which is usually celebrated with parades, fireworks and quality family time – but, at Vistafolia, we decided to do things a little differently this year.


Stars, stripes and beautiful foliage. Our crew was tasked with putting together a beautiful display of Vistafolia artificial foliage in order to showcase what we do best. The team assembled bunches of spikey green leaves and then added colour boxes of fresh white and delicate lavender to add a brighter note to the arrangement of the greenery Once complete, the fresh and colourful arrangements were placed into window boxes to show off the colours and textures to full effect.

When the question was raised as to how to display these boxes, there could be only one answer – an All American one! In order to show off our work, we got hold of a vintage 1938 Ford Hot Rod pick up truck and carefully placed the foliage theme displays in the back in order to show them off.

This year, we were proud to help celebrate the nation’s independence – and another year of transforming homes and businesses with our outstanding quality, versatile decor solutions. Beautiful, natural looking and environmentally friendly props, Vistafolia is the first word in safe, durable and weatherproof foliage and plantwork.