Custom-Fit Green Wall

Custom-Fit Artificial Green Walls

Creating beautiful and custom-fit vertical gardens is our passion. We work one-on-one with our customers, creating spaces where they can relax and feel completely themselves in. Whether they be huge commercial projects, or something that is simple and effective, we have worked with a whole host of projects that span across the whole range of sizes, environment and styles.

Small projects as well as large can benefit from the potential offered by artificial greenery and this example is no different. The lightwell installation in this contemporary scheme shows how Vistafolia® can enhance even the smallest spaces, creating beautiful pockets of no-maintenance green in challenging conditions where real planting would struggle.

The lack of natural lighting in this small open area of the client’s property makes a living green wall an impractical option. With the designers needing to utilize greenery without the cost of running a dedicated water supply to support a living wall system, Vistafolia® offered an instant and cost-effective decorative solution to creating an attractive outdoor green display to soften the lightwell’s hardscaping elements.


Three Vistafolia panels constituted a modest yet effective installation, providing an immediate refreshing effect and natural element to the modern design. This project is an excellent example of how Vistafolia® can transform spaces with simple, striking adornment, with a minimum of Vistafolia panels. Each panel can be a stand-alone composition to accentuate interiors and add interest to previously uninteresting exterior or enclosure walls.

Vistafolia® provides artificial greening solutions with a level of flexibility unmatched by any other system. Scalability is a key strength of our modular design, effectively addressing any space requirement, from small home displays to big, outdoor greening projects. With panels that can be custom-fit to any surface dimension, Vistafolia® presents creative greening possibilities for any environment.