Green Walls

Artificial Green Walls Glasgow

The curved designs on this new modern extension to the Glasgow shopping centre presented a huge challenge, where the landscape architects specified Vistafolia® on order to be able to put artificial green walls living greenery on the side elevations on this very windswept site. The finished effect needed to look natural through all seasons in Scotland, yet also be robust enough to withstand the exposed site and unusual arc of the planting surface.


The Vistafolia® system is versatile enough to be able to bend into shape to overcome the challenge of attaching the product to the curved structure of the building. Using our own unique fixings, the building contractors were able to attach aluminium strips at four points to securely anchor the planting, and the lightweight of the panels meant that any potential weight issues were overcome. The speed at which our panels can be fixed meant that the planting could be installed quickly and efficiently towards the end of the project. Vistafolia’s lush foliage looks natural in all seasons in Scotland. The mix of 15 different species meant the greenery had a lot of variety from tall grasses to broader leaf shapes to tiny white flowers that will not look out of place in the winter months or mid-summer. Because of the way the panels are made, they give the appearance of a natural-looking growing pattern and when the wind blows through the foliage it looks alive.