Artificial Green Wall

Green Walls Philadelphia

It’s not easy being green. Within many major cities within the USA, office and industrial buildings are just crying out for a little greenery to break up the sometimes-severe look of the interiors and exteriors. Unfortunately, within cities where smog and pollution are evident, growing and maintaining natural foliage can often be time-consuming and expensive.

For this reason, more and more businesses within cities such as New York and Philadelphia are choosing artificial grass and foliage for their buildings and workspaces. Beautiful, low maintenance and fast to install, Vistafolia’s artificial greenery achieve in days the same effect that natural foliage would take years to replicate. We were recently approached by a business in Dallas to add a little warmth to its outside seating area – a challenge we were happy to accept.


The client was looking to soften the look of its small courtyard area to make it more appealing. Although the courtyard space is a natural suntrap, the stark grey concrete of its walls and floor make it appear cold and unwelcoming. The focal point of the area is a seating area with bistro style tables and chairs and, it was a wall adjacent to this set-up that the Vistafolia team decided to brighten up. The team wanted the wall to look as natural as possible and so, it was decided that a simple arrangement would work best.

Our green panels, which are constructed on site consist of artificial plant work which is tied to a grid by hand for a pleasingly natural look.  The panels, which measure 80cm x 80cm can be mixed and matched and can be customized with color boxes. When placed together, the three panels give the illusion of depth and warmth and, were just the thing to brighten up the client’s seating area.

Having been assembled by our experts, the panels were then transported carefully to the client’s premises and installed in the seating area by our talented team in a process which is quick and easy and causes minimum disruption to the client and his business.

Green to conquer the blues. The simple Vistafolia wall instantly transformed the little seating area into a more pleasing and welcoming space as well as adding a pop of much needed color and privacy. As the client is time-poor, he was delighted with the fact that his new green space requires zero maintenance – as well as the fact that it contributes none of the harmful effects to the environment that natural foliage does in terms of water waste and chemicals.

Only premium quality materials are used in each and every Vistafolia creation, meaning that our customers have the reassurance of our unique quality guarantee, as well as the peace of mind provided by our fire-retardant and UV protected foliage.

As the area attracts a lot of sunlight, the client was particularly pleased with our no-fade guarantee on his new green space.

Although, in this instance, we helped to transform an outdoor area, our signature Vistafolia walls can also help to transform the interiors of office, conference rooms and other workspaces, adding a touch of inspiration to even the dullest of work areas.