Green Wall Roof Terrace

Privacy Green Walls San Jose

Do you know the way to a great looking roof terrace? Vistafolia does!

In America’s busy cities, real estate is pricey and, living within them often comes at the sacrifice of having a garden. In an increasingly stressful world, many people crave the peace and sense of wellbeing which a garden can provide and, in cities such as San Jose, many residents are looking to roof terraces as a solution.

Surrounded by Silicon Valley’s rolling hills, San Jose is a hub of technology in California’s desirable Bay area and is known for its historic districts and Spanish Colonial Revival structures. It is within one of the historic districts that our client, an apartment owner, lives and works and, having commissioned Vistafolia to improve the lobby of his office building, decided to ask us to help him create a roof terrace for his apartment.


As the owner of the penthouse apartment at the top of his building, our client has exclusive use of a small terrace which is reached directly from his living room. When the team arrived, the terrace was bare apart from a small seating area and raw brick walls. The client explained that he had, previously, looked into living green walls for the terrace but, due to the age of the building, the load bearing capacities of the walls were not sufficient to support the weight of natural foliage – not a problem for the Vistafolia team! Unlike living vegetation, our green panels of foliage are super light as well as beautiful, making them ideal for walls and floors of roof terraces like our client’s.

The team decided to add Vistafolia walls to two walls of the terrace as, due to the size of the area, any more would be a little too much. Panels of greenery peppered with color boxes of white flowers were assembled by hand in our factory and delivered to our client’s apartment – due to the light weight of the panels, transport and installation was easy and quick and, in less than a day, the team had transformed a plain terrace into a little oasis in the sky for our client. The overall effect was that of a relaxing space which is kind to the environment as well as the wellbeing of the resident. As the terrace is at the top of the building, it was extremely important to our client that his new greenery are fire resistant and UV protected.

As with all Vistafolia products, our client’s new walls were delivered along with our quality and no-fade guarantee – which was a breath of fresh air for our delighted client.