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Helis – California. Working the room for increased productivity in California.

It’s no secret that a pleasant and airy work environment leads to a more contented and productive workforce and, at Vistafolia, we’re dedicated to helping businesses in California get the job done by improving their offices, conference rooms, exteriors and social spaces.

We spend, on average, eight to ten hours at work, five days a week and, tired, drab furniture and uninspiring decor can often lead to a lack of motivation for employees. This is something that many employers are now beginning to recognize, and to address and, we were delighted to be asked to give a new lease of life to a California company’s rest area recently.

Our client recognizes the hard work that its employees put in and, in return, provides a large and comfortable rest area featuring seating, games and vending machines. Unfortunately, over the years, constant use means that the area has seen its fair share of wear and tear and, it was beginning to look unloved and shabby.


The Vistafolia team was called in to add a touch of style and professionalism to the space as well as bring it up to date. A young and vibrant company, the owners were looking for something which would reflect the youthful dynamic. As one wall of the space is taken up by windows, the team decided that the adjoining wall – which features the company motto in large silver-colored letters – would be the ideal place for one of our signature green walls. It was decided that, not only would the lush greenery cover the wall but, would also form a framework for a games machine set against the wall.

A game changer. In keeping with the company’s fun and creative ethos, the team felt that Vistafolia greenery panels containing slightly shaggy foliage would work perfectly with the client’s game room and, at our premises, they set about creating the perfect panels. Each of our panels can be easily customized by adding color boxes, giving them a natural and individual look and, foliage is added by hand in order to avoid a fake, uniform effect. In this case, the team carefully measured the panels to consider the company’s name which would be included in the display. We used three separate panels for the client’s game room which were then transported and installed with the minimum of fuss or disruption to employees. The panels featured natural green plant work as well as color boxes in lush green to add depth and burst of green.

The result was a natural and luxurious look – and one which perfectly embraces the games machine within the wall.

The company was so thrilled with the new look social area that they asked the Vistafolia team to also update the kitchen with another lush green wall.

As well as being pleased with the flexibility of the design and the ease of instalment, the client appreciated the environmental benefits of Vistafolia’s foliage which saves on water and harmful chemicals used in pesticides. For a busy company, it was important to the client that our green walls require almost no maintenance – and, in keeping with their health and safety requirements, are completely fire retardant.

Research shows that we, as humans, crave the link with nature which trees, greenery and foliage provide – a link which helps to improve creativity, productivity and overall happiness. We were, therefore, extremely happy to have been able to help our client by creating a beautiful and practical space for them.