Cafe Privacy Green Wall

Privacy Greenery Miami

Vistafolia and EasyGrass Miami teamed up to add even more good taste to Miami’s Latin Cafe 2000. To enhance the restaurant’s statement ceiling installation, the team installed luxurious green walls, strategically placed to turn the inside of the restaurant into an outdoor oasis for the popular restaurant’s guests.

Latin Cafe 2000 is a Miami institution, specializing in Cuban-inspired dishes and cocktails. An upscale restaurant chain, Latin Cafe 2000 is known for its interiors which feature a fun, tropical theme and a statement ceiling installation featuring 100 suspended coffee makers in a variety of colours.


Although Latin Cafe 2000’s management were pleased with the tropical theme of their restaurant, they felt that the decor lacked warmth and depth.  On visiting the venue, the Vistafolia and EasyGrass Miami team felt that the existing theme would lend itself perfectly to the creation of an indoor garden effect.  The concept would not only add the warmth and depth the restaurant was looking for but would add to the fun and relaxed atmosphere of the restaurant.  The team added Vistafolia green wall panels in strategic spots around the restaurant, carefully alternating the features of each for a natural, lush look.  Different shades and grass lengths were added to each wall panel to add the illusion of natural depth.

World leader in artificial green walls, Vistafolia ’s extensive experience of working with clients within the leisure industry meant that the team was able to create the perfect balance of aesthetics and practicality.  Extensive quality testing means that these durable green wall panels can stand up to anything that Latin Cafe 2000s staff and customers throw at them.  Hard wearing and easy to clean and maintain, the panels come with the peace of mind of Vistafolia ’s ISO certification and quality assurance.

Bringing the outside in. Not just for outdoors, artificial grass and plants are becoming increasingly popular for indoor use.  For homeowners and businesses looking for something a little out of the ordinary, artificial greenery can be added to almost any wall or surface to instantly create an eye-catching and unusual look. As well as being low maintenance, panels such as those by Vistafolia and EasyGrass Miami are great news for our planet as they are recyclable and help to reduce the use of harmful pesticides necessary for natural greenery.

The perfect team. Vistafolia and EasyGrass Miami, have collaborated on a number of projects including Miami Beach’s Harbor Condo Development, Roche Bobois Arizona and West Hollywood.  Both parties are committed to changing the public’s perception of artificial turf and green walls and, have successfully created many converts along the way!

It’s impossible to over-stress the benefits of artificial green walls – in addition to being affordable and sustainable, Vistafolia panels create beautiful and functional workplaces which are fire retardant and include UV protection.

The management and staff at Latin Cafe 2000 were delighted with the restaurant’s new look which, they say, is the greatest thing since sliced bread!