Coffee Shop Green Wall Design

Greenery Panels Fire Resistant

Vistafolia adds ‘Grammable style to ethical cafe. Nestled on a vibrant and trendy city street, Matcha and Beyond is a pit stop with a difference. Serving ethically sourced coffee, snacks and matcha (finely ground green tea leaves), owner Olivia is incredibly proud of her cafe but, felt that the interior lacked a little something and looked a little cold and uninviting. Olivia was looking for decor which was as unique as the products she served and thus she turned to Vistafolia for advice on an upgrade.

We agreed with Olivia that the square space and minimalist furniture gave the cafe a slightly clinical aspect which could use a little warmth.


After some deliberation, the Vistafolia team decided that, rather than making the space look ‘busy’ with lots of plantwork, a simple green signature wall would add depth and life to the room. It was decided that the back wall of the cafe was the ideal place for a little Vistafolia magic and our experienced team set to work installing panels of incredibly lifelike, lush greenery. Assembled by hand, our Signature panels are created with differing lengths, colors and textures of foliage in order to give the impression of real, living vegetation. The panels were installed flush against the existing back wall of the cafe and, the cafe’s sparkling name-sign was then set against the natural looking green wall to create a beautiful contrast.

Vistafolia – the perfect matcha-maker. Olivia was thrilled with her new signature wall which, she felt, perfectly complemented the sense of relaxation and wellbeing that her cafe aims to inspire. As her business is all about sustainability and responsibility, Olivia was extremely pleased that the Vistafolia wall is recyclable and protects the environment by cutting down on the use of water and harmful pesticides. Delighted with her new greenery space, Olivia loved the fact that the wall can be quickly and easily customized by adding color boxes of white, green and lavender. This means that Olivia will be able to switch up the design of the wall with the changing seasons without a huge expenditure – important to every small business owner!

The Vistafolia team was happy to be able to help Matcha and Beyond transform from ordinary to Instagrammable and, our five-year guarantee means that Olivia’s customers will continue to enjoy the new look cafe for many years to come.

As well as being created from the highest quality materials, all of Vistafolia’s artificial foliage and plants work is fire resistant, low maintenance and 100% recyclable, making it the perfect choice for busy, forward thinking businesses such as Matcha and Beyond.