Instant Floral Vertical Garden

Instant Floral Vertical Garden

The perfect piece de resistance for a modern mews…. Especially a mews with limited natural light due to the imposing surrounding properties. A stunningly framed Vistafolia green walls looms dramatically over the entire high-walled space of this smart mews house. The playful random arrangements of ferns, grasses and dainty florals breaking the hard march of horizontals.

This Notting Hill Gate garden evoked smart gallery space with its state of the art glazed rear elevation. Framed with white horizontal timber slatting the Vistafolia green wall creates a dynamic mosaic of texture, form and colour, like an instant floral tapestry filling the tall expanse of the courtyard garden enclosure and an instant showcase viewed from the front door entrance of the property.


At Vistafolia®, our mission is to provide a simple, attractive, alternative solution for anyone that wants all the beauty of a green wall, but the practicality of a product that lasts. In cramped suburban gardens and courtyards, the buildings seem to swallow you and create a claustrophobic, sunless environment. Real green walls simply won’t last without proper exposure to sunlight and the ongoing effort that goes into maintaining them will fall by the wayside. But with Vistafolia®, there is no danger of failing, no time consumed and no wasted endeavors.

Whether in a small or large outdoor space, Vistafolia® can transform an area from lifeless and dull to exciting and colorful in virtually no time at all. In this Notting Hill Gate courtyard in Central London, the high surrounding walls created shade for the majority of the day, conditions that aren’t conducive to the sustainment of a living green wall. But by adding some lush Vistafolia® panels to the mix, suddenly you have an urban oasis, so lifelike that you’d never know the difference and designed to give you more time to enjoy the more important things in life.

As part of a garden redesign aimed at giving this client a pragmatic resolution to their botanical woes, Vistafolia® was proposed, along with striking white timber slats to give a glorious synergy of chic simplicity and luxurious sophistication. The spectacular blend of bold textures and colors of our panels are instantly eye-catching, giving a focal point that is befitting of any space. And just like that, the client had a zero-maintenance, year-round green wall that will stay its best for years to come, thanks in part to our market-leading 5-year guarantee.

The client was absolutely delighted with the results and was keen to recommend to all their friends. After all, who wouldn’t want to make a bold statement by adding a high-quality Vistafolia® wall to their property? But then again, if everyone has one, how will you be the envy of your social circle?

At Vistafolia®, our mission is to make the whole world beautiful, one green wall at a time. Our dedication to our craft means that every customer gets the installation that they deserve, customized to their desires with our range of color boxes and protected against the elements. Our experienced team offer you a completely personalized service to ensure that you get what you want first time, every time.