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Artificial Green Wall

Artificial Green Wall in Nairobi Airport, Kenya

Airport Artificial Vertical Garden

Vistafolia created a spectacular green-wall display at the Four Points by Sheraton in Nairobi International Airport in Kenya to heighten the visual impact of the hotel’s double-height feature wall. The installation provided Four Points’ elegant, contemporary interiors with a beautiful, natural look, of the highest quality finish and functionality that international business travelers value from the leading hotel chain.

This project highlights Vistafolia’s excellent fit with international brands requiring exacting standards from suppliers. Whilst providing the perfect aesthetic and practical design solution for the reception area’s imposing vertical garden surface, Vistafolia is the only artificial green-wall system that could meet Kenya’s rigorous importation standards, as well as the stringent fire safety regulations that are prevalent in international airports, no more so than at Nairobi Airport where there had previously been a deadly fire outbreak.


This project is a great example of a slightly different installation. Instead of covering the whole wall, the client opted to create this beautiful montage of wood and greenery that creates visual interest and gives a completely unique look, something critical to a brand that is not satisfied with fitting in with the crowd.

The installation was straightforward, owing to Vistafolia’s ingenious fixing system that allows the product to not only be installed with a minimum of fuss, but also holds the product in place safely and securely. A real wall would have been much more complex to install, and would have proved to be a logistical nightmare to maintain. Our replica green wall panels require an absolute minimum of maintenance and never need watering, chemicals, or any sort of pruning.

Vistafolia, with ISO certifications for quality and durability, fully conformed with Kenya’s stringent safety, quality, and security requirements, inspected and verified by 3rd party testing facilities. No other artificial green-wall product in the market could deliver such quality assurance, complying exceptionally for pre-shipment physical and documental inspection, for Kenyan importation requirements.

The Vistafolia panels are a product of extensive research and development by award-winning British horticulturist Paul Alder. Vistafolia offers versatile, customized, and instant greenery solutions to transform luxuriously any environment with incredibly life-like, easily installed and low-maintenance green walls. International brands trust Vistafolia to create stunning visual set pieces to enhance both their surroundings and image.


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Unlike living plants, an artificial Vistafolia green wall thrives throughout varying weather and temperatures and without natural light. Where real plants would quickly wilt, a Vistafolia green wall continues to flourish, looking attractive all year.

Unlike living plants, an artificial green wall from Vistafolia is:

  • Fire retardant and tested to the highest standards
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance and low overhead cost
  • Much lighter weight, so suitable for weaker fence panels


Unlike other competitors on the market, Vistafolia is tested to the highest standards and provides the longest guarantee on the market. We also provide a full service, from consultation, design and research to aftersales care and customer satisfaction.

Vistafolia provides a full service:

  • Unique three panel solution, eliminating boring repeating walls
  • Customization for seasonality or color theme with our color and texture boxes
  • Market leading UV ratings and freeze/thaw testing
  • Constant research into new ways to increase sustainability in green walls

Why Choose Vistafolia?

Close up of White-Flowers within artificial green wall

Our 3-panel solution combines our A, B and C panels for randomised foliage placement. This means there’s no repetitive patterns.

beautiful realistic plant wall in office

Our panels seamlessly interconnect, and due to the varying patterns and compact planting, you will never see visible join lines or squares.

Vistafolia garden artificial green wall

We pride ourselves on our hyper-detailed artificial foliage. Each of our panels are packed with lush greenery and splashes of vibrant colors (if you wish).

Close up of artificial plant wall with lavender plants

To ensure a rich tapestry of texture, there are 72 lush plants per panel and 16 different varieties of plant included – all varying in height.

Sustainable Green Walls

Through our internal research and innovation, our artificial green wall panels can be recycled and re-purposed for a different means, making Vistafolia the only artificial plant wall supplier with the knowledge and ability to do this.

Combined with the research towards sustainable artificial foliage, Vistafolia is aiming to develop a sustainable product at all stages of its life cycle. Making our faux living wall the only choice for those who are looking for a more environmentally friendly product. You can find out more about our quest to create a more sustainable product here.

sustainable foliage
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