Green Walls Privacy Screening

Green Walls New York

Our lush green wall wonderfully complemented the sleek, contemporary lines of this chic and sophisticated garden, creating an amazing outdoors space for relaxation and entertainment.

The landscape architects wanted to play off the soft, organic features of a vertical garden with the hard-edged patterns of the curved stone wall. Vistafolia’s supple and rich foliage provided the perfect artificial greenery to balance the ultra-modern stone cladding.


The design solution was to balance the strong architectural design of the opposing wall. Design using our foliage had to look good all year round which is why Vistafolia was the ‘natural’ choice. A secondary benefit was to cover brick walls which where a mixture of new and old brick and didn’t match.

Products Used

30 x 80cm x 80cm Signature panels; 3 x Colour Boxes

When space is at a premium, you have to improvise and adapt to your surroundings. In New York, where outdoor real estate has long been at a premium and practical solutions are key, it’s important to maximize an opportunity when it presents itself.

Vistafolia truly is a versatile solution, at home in any environment, and suitable for installation on to any surface. More importantly, we take the quality of our products incredibly seriously and we never compromise on testing standards. And so when the owner of this swanky New York apartment approached us about a solution for adding some greenery to her space, we got straight to work. The client was concerned about exposure to the sun and how it might affect the panels, but our rigorous testing to the highest possible standards allows us to offer a 5-year guarantee on our products, giving the client total peace of mind. And as we know, the weather in New York can turn completely the other way and present a harsh, cold winter, but that’s ok because Vistafolia also undertakes industrial-level freeze/thaw testing to make sure that our panels stand up to anything that mother nature might throw at them.

The client also wanted a finish that was colorful to really contrast the grey façade. Not only do Vistafolia panels feature a whole host of green tones, as well as accents of burgundy and yellow, but they are also exceptionally customizable using our color boxes. These boxes not only allowed the client to choose the finish they wanted, but also gave them the option to change as the mood suits. In this case, bursts of delicate white flowers were added that really stand out in the sunlight.

The installation was completed in less than a day, thanks to a combination of our experienced install team and our easy to use, purpose built fixing system. The fixings allow hassle-free installation to virtually any substrate and in this case, it meant the client could start showing off her new and improved courtyard to her jealous social circle and relax on a warm summer’s evening under the gaze of an ultra-realistic artificial green walls.

Vistafolia walls really are the perfect solution for any indoor or outdoor space that needs practical, low maintenance greening. Our Signature panels can be used to create instant design features of beautiful, lifelike foliage that has been painstakingly designed to accurately mimic real planting.