Artifical Lush Greenery Privacy Screening Kits

Artificial Lush Greenery Kits

This project showcases perfectly the amazing versatility of Vistafolia artificial green wall solutions.

A beautiful twin level courtyard garden in central London needed an attractive design element to fill out blank vertical spaces for busy clients who travel regularly and who would therefore struggle to maintain real planting.

The upper level terrace extended from the client’s interior office area.


Contemporary timber panelling here featuring two 1m panel kits of Vistafolia provided the perfect punctuation and provided the client with a refreshing blast of lush greenery with artificial living green wall panels.

In contrast, the lower courtyard terrace, which led directly from the client’s main living area, was clad with a remarkable combination of a unique hand-hammered lead relief sculpture panel by artist Shaun Brosnan, embroidered with a cascading foliage frame setting off the sculpture’s sensual appeal beautifully. The goal for this project was to transform a small outside area which suffered from limited natural light and limited horizontal space into a captivating garden vista worthy of the smart address and providing the clients with an uplifting, inspirational ‘always green’ view.

Artificial Green Wall Panel Kits

Vistafolia green wall panel kits provides design professionals with a highly flexible product and many creative applications for greenery displays.

This beautiful, two-level courtyard garden in central London needed an attractive design element to fill out the blank vertical spaces in the scheme. The owners however are busy professionals who travel regularly and would struggle to maintain real planting. Vistafolia's no-maintenance Signature Panels provided a practical, time-saving alternative.