UV Protected Green Wall Privacy Screen

UV protected

This charming hotel is an intimate setting for travelers looking to explore the picturesque city. The hotel management and staff are dedicated to providing a comfortable and relaxing space for guests, which is evident in the beautiful interior and character-filled rooms. As the hotel was looking to update its inner courtyard, they got in touch to see if we could help.

An intimate outdoor space for guests to relax after a day’s sightseeing, the hotel’s inner courtyard is accessed directly from the hotel lobby and is for the exclusive use of hotel guests. In its original state, the courtyard was comprised of stark brickwork and, the management felt that it could be made to look more welcoming.


After an initial consultation, the green wall team direct representative of Vistafolia installed a green wall with lush green color box to cover the entire length and width of one wall of the courtyard. Different lengths and shades of leaf were used to create the illusion of depth and to add a pleasingly ‘wild’ look to the wall. The overall effect was to create a warm and welcoming space for guests without the disruption – and environmental impact – of natural vegetation. As well as being enjoyed by guests within the courtyard, the imposing but unobtrusive green wall can be viewed from the lobby and the hotel’s stunning staircase feature, adding aesthetic value to the entire hotel.

Dedicated to quality and outstanding customer service, Vistafolia and Wonderwall were delighted for the opportunity to work with the hotel in Evora. Specializing in beautiful, sustainable work and leisure environments, each and every panel is subject to extensive quality control design processes.

At Vistafolia , we’re as passionate about the environment as we are about the quality of our product. All of our panels are created by our experienced and talented team and are durable, fire resistant or UV protected.

As well as our own unbeatable team, we work with trusted partners across the globe to ensure that the Vistafolia quality is evident in every project, in every city and in every country.

We’re honored to have worked with some of the world’s most impressive buildings including museums, casinos, skyscrapers and private homes. Our ethos is as simple as it is effective – to create beautiful and functional environments for work, rest and play.