Rooftop Bar Green Wall

Rooftop Bar Green Wall in Huntsville, Alabama

Rooftop Bar Green Wall

The reasons for installing a Vistafolia replica living wall are varied and can be anything from a need to beautify an area, to wanting to create a relaxing ambience for your guests and clients. In the case of this installation at Stella’s Elixar Lounge, Rooftop Bar & Speakeasy in Huntsville, Alabama, it was both.

Installed by authorised USA distributors UpScapers, this stunningly beautiful green wall was the perfect solution for bringing some much-needed colour to their rooftop area, will simultaneously creating a multi-functional space designed to relax. As a backdrop to their comfy rooftop beds, every customer can enjoy complete relaxation in the sun, and as we all know, a happy customer spends more money!

With this being an outdoor installation, it was important that the walls would stand up to the hot conditions prevalent in Northern Alabama. Lesser products would simply have faded and left the client with a less than attractive green wall very quickly. But Vistafolia is different, and every single one of our products undergoes rigorous UV testing to ensure the longevity of the product, even in the harshest environments. We’re proud to offer a 5-year warranty, guaranteeing our clients complete peace of mind with every purchase.


As well as being fully UV tested, the panels are also fire rated for safety. On a rooftop bar, you wouldn’t want to take a chance with a carelessly discarded cigarette causing a potentially dangerous blaze, and that’s where Vistafolia comes in. By testing for fire safety we ensure the risks of anything happening to the panels is minimised.

The attention to detail on our panels is second to none, and the quality obvious for all to see. With each plant being hand-designed in the UK, and the planting matrix painstakingly perfected over many years, Vistafolia’s plant wall panels are the very best that the market has to offer, not only due to our commitment to testing, but because of the level of realism that we aspire to. It’s not uncommon for people to mistake them for real living green walls at first glance.

On top of the exquisitely detailed design, the panels can be customised and adapted to the client’s needs. Whether looking to add extra colour to the wall, or simply creating bold, 3D shapes to bring the wall to life, our Colour and Texture Boxes are the perfect finishing touches for any wall. By simply slotting in our range of spectacular artificial plants, the look can be transformed, making every wall unique, while still remaining unmistakably Vistafolia.