Vertical Artificial Living Wall

Artificial Living Wall Boston

The owners of this residential Notting Hill property were looking for a way to bring a touch of colour to their city terrace, without losing valuable space. Vistafolia's greenery panel system proved to be the ideal solution, cladding their high concrete walls with lush greenery without encroaching on the seating area.


Artificial green wall was continued through mirrored bi-folding doors into the property itself, creating a panoramic sweep of foliage that gave the illusion of increased space, while setting off the contemporary chic design of this small urban garden.

The artificial living vertical green walls, with their bursts of blues and lavenders from our colour boxes, lent spaciousness and light to the outdoors room, while softening the hard modern lines of its design. Where real planting would require space for a watering system, our custom panels fit snugly against the wall, while allowing water to percolate behind them to prevent damp. Plus, their lightweight design means they can be easily fitted without damaging the existing structure or requiring planning permission.