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Not all of us have deep pockets to afford a home that comes ready with a large and lush green garden sprawling out in front of you the moment you set foot outside the house. A conventional garden not only demands ample space but requires a seasoned landscaper and gardener to carry out regular care and maintenance.

However, you are in luck as artificial green walls and green wall art are quickly becoming the new craze in UK homes. You might have already come across a green garden wall or two in a neighbour’s home or even at someone’s office – while admiring its alluring beauty, surely, you must have thought “how on Earth am I going to deal with maintenance?”

Chances are what you saw was an artificial green wall. Once you have the right mix of plants and other green elements, you can barely tell if it is an actual living green wall or an artificial living wall. If you have ever been doubtful so as to whether you should get a fake living wall for your home, let us quickly shed some light on the benefits of having a vertical green wall in your home:

Super-low Maintenance Costs

Whether you go for an indoor green wall or an outdoor green wall, know that the upfront maintenance costs of an artificial green wall are relatively and significantly lower as opposed to living green wall décor. There are virtually no ongoing maintenance costs so to speak. There is also no need to worry about having your vertical green wall installed directly in front of or near a UV light source. Since its not actual living greens in your wall, you simply do not have to worry about the green wall planting dying or not getting water.

This saves you plenty of time and money – in fact, it might even thwart off a disastrous outcome should water leak anywhere from your ceiling, walls or even your floors.

Convenient and Easy to Install, Indoors or Outdoors

A fake living wall can not only look great while complimenting the nearby scenery outside your house but look just as attractive and mood-elevating inside your living space. Plant covered walls are available in different panels and sizes and you can bet there is one to match your individual preferences and unique living space specifications.

You can pretty much install your green wall décor anywhere in the house where you feel the mood could use a little uplifting, such as the main door passageway, main living room area, even the basement or practically any place you feel you could use greenery.

When you think about it, there really are not any downsides to having a vertical green wall installed in your home by a professional green wall designer. Invest in an artificial green plant wall or fake hedge wall to add some contrast and bring out the key elements in your living space even better, while promoting a relaxing atmosphere that instantly calms and cools the senses. There is plenty of irrefutable research that proves being surrounded by nature almost immediately dissipates the stress we subconsciously mount on our back and shoulders as the day progresses. Why not take it a step further and a have green garden wall installed in a designated yoga room?

Seeing is Believing – Same Realistic Look at Half the Cost

Did you know how easy it is to have artificial plant covered walls installed by a skilled green wall designer that look just like the real thing? Not all green living walls may be designed to thrive indoors but artificial ones can seamlessly integrate with any part of your home or office, be it even a green wall building.

For a fact, there is no need to rake away dead leaves and branches whatsoever. The results you get are immediate and the moment you get your plant covered wall installed, you’ll be looking at vibrantly beautiful green wall architecture that’s sure to wow the neighbours and guests alike.

Turn your drab living space and plain white walls into a visually stimulating vertical green wall that looks just as good as actual green living walls. However, make sure to hire the services of a qualified green wall designer and always check that your green wall panel is UV rated according to UK regulations, ISO 9001 compliant and comes with at least a 3-year guarantee.

Keep the Noise and Echo Level of Your Home in Check

If the added bonus of having a gorgeous and serene-looking vertical green wall in your home was not enough, here is another one: keeping the noise level in check. Did you know that having a few pieces or panel of greenery installed in your home can noticeably suppress echo and other sources of “noise” in your home? Somebody might have the TV blaring, furniture might be getting dragged around or people could be talking louder than usual – having a green wall can alter the acoustics in your home to reduce sound reverberation and echo. You could always use more peace and calm in your home by having the noise level lowered a few decibels, especially after a taxing day at work.

Interesting (and Possibly Surprising) Facts about Artificial Green Walls

All around the world, folks are going practically mad over artificial living walls and with good reason it might be noted. Outdoor green walls and indoor green walls are being extensively used in landscaping designs, not just in homes, but also in offices that actively work to promote a feeling of calmness, effectively boosting productivity in the process. Do not be surprised if you see a massive green wall on a building or an artificial hedge wall on the sides as you make your way toward a building entrance.

The days of tacky looking artificial green walls are long gone. The best artificial green solutions might not only fool the eye but look even better than actual living green walls. If, by any chance, you are still on the fence about getting a lush and artificial living wall, here are some interesting, and perhaps, surprising facts to help ease any doubts you may have:

Green Wall Décor in Your Home Promotes Peace

As long as your home is well built and generally constructed properly, artificial plant covered walls in and around your home can help dampen noise levels. Ever noticed how more business, particularly those located closer to motorways and public roads, have had large green walls installed around their office boundaries and front-facing walls? They are there for a mighty good reason.

Artificial green walls happen to be highly functional vertical panels, in that their structure can deflect high-frequency noise through acoustic energy absorption. So, if you are living in a crowded neighbourhood with traffic and noise pollution almost right outside your driveway, you really should get artificial green walls installed in your home.

Artificial Walls Are More than Just a Feature

You can literally transform your living space by having a faux green wall installed. You might be surprised by what a little greenery, even if it is not real, can do to spruce up the look of the place. There is a lot more to it though, than just the look factor; a fake living wall can be functional as well. Get in touch with a seasoned green wall designer and you will be pleased to know that it can double as a boundary to protect your construction against wind break and other weather elements.

Artificial Walls Require Professional Installation

From the outside, installing a fake green wall might look pretty straightforward. However, there are various nuances involved in a proper artificial green wall installation, such as building a green wall to exact specifications and carefully assessing what part of your house benefits the most. You should always ask a green wall designer to scout out your living space before a design is recommended.

Outdoor Green Walls Are Completely Safe

Custom-made fittings are used to fasten artificial green walls to your home’s structure – all parts are stainless steel so you never have to worry about parts getting rusty or sticking out at unsightly spots. There are literally zero health or safety issues when it comes to having a vertical green wall installed in your home.

Artificial Green Walls Must Comply with Local Regulations

Whenever someone hears the words “local laws” or “government regulations”, they are understandably put off. Bear in mind that for any kind of interior or exterior green wall installation, you may have to take certain restrictions into account as far as construction terms or height, for example, is concerned. However, you should not worry as long as you are asking a qualified green wall designer from a reputable company to install your green wall as they will more than likely be ISO 9001 complaint, UV rated according to UK regulations and sell only products that come with a 3-year guarantee.

Artificial Green Walls Are Highly Durable

If you browse around the green wall market long enough, you may find relatively economical faux vertical wall options, but a product is only as good as its price. Buy your green wall from a reputable company and you will know first-hand how life-like these plant covered walls can look; in fact, you may initially mistake them for real ones. Quality green wall decors are intricately constructed using the very best in fake living wall materials and UV coating technologies. This ensures that your artificial living wall stays looking like new throughout the years. You have absolutely nothing to worry about as far as weather elements fading away the look and texture of your artificial green wall is concerned.

No Need to Hire a Landscaper or Gardener

Gardening can be back breaking work and, unfortunately, even lesser experienced landscapers will charge you a hefty price to maintain the lush greenery around your home. Good gardening and landscaping is a highly specialized area and such individuals are hard to come by, unless you are willing to put in the time and money up front that it demands. Save yourself some time, money and undue stress – go with a fake garden wall that requires virtually no maintenance costs at all.

Get in touch with a highly reputable green garden wall company today and enjoy the many decorative, aesthetic and health benefits an artificial wall offers.


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