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How much does a Vistafolia living wall cost?

The cost of your Vistafolia Artificial Green Wall is dependent on your own design and size. Looking for a few panels to add a new vibrant dimension to your kitchen? That seems like a smaller job and therefore requiring less panels which will keep costs lower than a large commercial project. However, these are certain variables you need to consider.

A small residential Vistafolia Artificial Living Wall project will require less panels than a large commercial project. Therefore, when enquiring and talking to our sales team, equip yourself with the size of your project so that they can accurately gauge how many panels you will need for your job. To see the size of the panels, visit the Vistafolia Artificial Living Wall product page

Get in touch with our team today and they can provide you with a full quote including all the accessories that you may need for customisation and installation.

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