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How are artificial plants affecting store trends?

Human beings have an innate need for affiliation with other living things – this fundamental drive is something that is increasingly influencing store trends where retailers are looking for simple ways to boost sales and increase customer satisfaction. Being close to natural elements has a calming and grounding effect on humans, whether those elements are artificial or not. As a result, the use of artificial plants in retail spaces is popular, as brands look for ways to improve the shopping experience, build brand loyalty and help get customers in the frame of mind to buy.

How are artificial plants affecting store trends?

The short answer is that they are more in demand and increasingly driving the trend towards bringing the outside in. While real plants can be expensive, especially when it comes to maintenance, and temperamental in retail conditions, artificial plants help to create the feel of natural elements without the cost and inconvenience. You don’t have to look far to find evidence that humans love greenery, from houseplants to the fact that offices today are filled with plants, artificial or real, and the way that the most sought after city properties are often close to parks. Greenery and plants make us feel at home and secure and this translates to a retail space too, in a way that can be very beneficial for revenue.

Increasing revenue via the addition of artificial plants

Store trends are often driven by a profit motive and there is plenty of data to support the fact that plants in retail spaces help to increase revenue. One study at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, which looked at how plants affect customer behaviours, established that plants can increase the number of customers coming in to a store by 25%. The twin issue of a negative mood and the overstimulation that customers sometimes suffer from when shopping in modern retail spaces were identified as a key obstacle to increasing revenue by researchers. Here, again, plants can be beneficial not just because they help to soothe the stress and bad mood that can stop someone from making a purchase but also because they can act against overstimulation and visual fatigue, making consumers feel fresh and rested and ready to buy. Another study found that the presence of greenery in stores is often associated with perceptions of higher product quality and value, especially with respect to speciality items.

The trend towards artificial plants

Given the overwhelming evidence that plants improve the customer experience and also help to prepare customers for purchasing it’s no surprise that this is a trend that is gaining ground. Artificial plants bring the benefits of greenery in a more cost effective way but without any compromise on experience or aesthetic. The range of plants available is vast and maintenance is minimal.

As store trends go, adding plants into retail spaces is becoming increasingly common thanks to the positive benefits this can generate for retailers. Opting for artificial plants is the most obvious way to access the advantages of a greener space without any of the challenges.


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