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Office screen with artificial green wall

Our key advantages of having office screening

2020 has been a year of change across the country. As many businesses are now reimagining their office space during downtime. Office screening has always been a positive solution to many workplace issues, such as privacy and noise, and now provides a simple and cost effective way to help keep a workforce safe in terms of minimising the transmission of COVID-19. These are some of our key advantages of having office screening.

Creating flexible internal barriers

It has become essential to be able to keep employees apart in order to ensure a return to the office is safe. Office screening provides a simple way to do this that also offers flexibility. Use the screens to create the social distancing that is required to comply with government guidelines now – and move them around in the future as requirements change or the team expands. If you decide to alter the office layout, or buy new furniture, office screens can be adapted to a new environment and still provide effective protection.

Less permanent than walls

Redesigning an office interior with walls is both expensive and time consuming and you may need to make changes in future that require more time and expense. Office screening is a much more practical solution, one that can be swiftly implemented and which doesn’t have the cost implications of a more permanent structure.

Productivity advantages

Office screens can be very beneficial when it comes to employee engagement, as they help staff to focus on their own work and avoid getting distracted by other people around them. The sense of privacy that is created can be relaxing and mean that staff feel less self-conscious in an open plan office. Office screens also have advantages when it comes to noise, as they cut down on noise levels and can make it easier for employees to concentrate.

Creating a positive environment

The use of office screens can be used to create a feeling of personal space and safety. In the current climate where many people are returning to work feeling nervous about how this changes their risk level when it comes to COVID-19, the presence of screens that separate them from co-workers can be reassuring. Employers need to take all steps possible to make staff feel safe right now and office screens are one of the most effective ways to achieve this.

Improving aesthetics

Depending on the type of office screening that you opt for – and the way that this is arranged – there can be some big aesthetic advantages to using it. You can bring colour and texture into an uninspiring space with the right office screens and improve employee experience, as well as performance, by creating an environment that is more stimulating and inspiring. For example, opt for an artificial green wall as a more creative office screen choice and your space will instantly feel more interesting and unique.

The use of office screens is becoming widespread and can make a big difference to the experience that employees have during the return to work.


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