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An exterior Vistafolia artificial green wall installation

Panel sustainability in harsh environments

Panels can be used to create unique and striking vertical gardens that bring colour and vibrancy to any environment. Hand tied and interlocking Vistafolia panels provide a natural finish using artificial plants for minimal maintenance and optimum impact. One key question that often comes up is panel sustainability, especially in harsh environments. If you’re investing in panels for your space then how can you ensure that they will last and what kind of testing do you need to consider?

Vistafolia panels

Artificial plants and greenery that look entirely natural and bring an ambiance of the outdoors in – that’s what Vistafolia panels bring to any interior. 100% pure colour pigments ensure that these panels make a real impact and look bright and natural in any light. While the standard for artificial plants is often ‘as good as’ the real thing, Vistafolia panels are even better than the real thing, not just in terms of aesthetics but when it comes to costs and maintenance too. No matter what the space you’re looking to use the panels in there is a solution – large areas are covered by panels that are interlocked to fit seamlessly together and plants are tied together on preassembled panels so that they are ready to install. Each tightly packed piece is perfect and there are no gaps to deal with – every inch is covered. Vistafolia panels are also UV safe and fully certified with UV inhibiting additives.

Panel sustainability

Once an investment has been made in these beautiful vertical gardens it’s important to know that the impact isn’t going to be quickly lost. Some low quality panels can fade and pieces may fall or come apart. There can be issues if there is no interlocking or plants have not been hand tied into position. Testing, too, is important. Many people assume that artificial plants only really need to be tested for fading in the sun but this is really only the start of it. Vistafolia panels are tested to ensure that they are suitable through all seasons and in any weather, from drizzly autumn days through to the heat of the summer sun. This testing goes above and beyond your average changes in temperature and conditions to include those that are specific to harsh environments. This includes:

  • Freeze-thaw testing panels for cold environments so that panels are ideal for areas such as Canada and Northern Europe – this is to ensure that the plants on the panels do not become brittle.
  • Strength and resilience testing to make sure that panels can withstand high winds, even the hurricane conditions in some parts of the US.
  • UV protection to protect against sunlight – Vistafolia invests in the best UV testing on the market, up to 5,000hrs at equatorial level conditions.

If you’re looking for panels that will continue to make an impact on an ongoing basis then it’s important to make the right choice. From quality of materials to assembly processes and the testing that is carried out on the panel itself, as well as the component parts, all will be key to ensure sustainability in any conditions.


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