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Top 6 benefits of vertical gardens

Top 6 Benefits of Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens are becoming increasingly popular in both professional/corporate and residential spaces. Artificial vertical gardens in particular provide a simple way to enhance the aesthetics and quality of both indoor and outdoor areas. A high-quality vertical garden is a distinctive feature and can contribute to a positive experience of the space for those using it. Opting for an artificial vertical garden removes the responsibility of extensive watering and maintenance, as well as the need to replace dying plants – artificial vertical gardens require only minimal maintenance and look great whatever the conditions or location they are placed in. These are some of the key benefits of installing one.

1. Creating calmer space

You don’t need real plants to get the benefits of having more greenery around. Environments that have green features encourage relaxation and reduce stress with positive impacts on everything, from blood pressure to muscle tension.

2. Quieter buildings

A vertical garden can help to reduce the level of ambient noise in a space, which can be particularly useful in an office. A vertical garden will absorb more than 40% more sound than a regular facade, helping to bring noise levels down.

3. Boosting productivity and engagement

As a result of the positive impact that greenery has on wellbeing, productivity also gets a boost. In fact, plants in the workplace can boost positivity by 15%. Not only that but employees tend to feel more settled, satisfied, and engaged too.

4. People want to be around them

Research has established that where there is a vertical garden in place those who experience it tend to want to spend more time around it. That might be customers who keep coming back to the same store because of a vertical garden feature, employees who rate the office environment as one of the reasons to stay or occupants of a residential building who are less inclined to move.

5. Part of the brand

A vertical garden is a great way to reinforce brand messages and help to increase the impact that a business makes. Whether that is messaging that relates to nature and the environment or in creating a space where consideration has clearly been given to ensuring that employees are content.

6. Bringing people together

More plants and greenery has a positive impact on social cohesion and encourages people within a space to interact with one another. Vertical gardens and other small-scale greenery are much less likely to be vandalised than other features. Plus, plants and greenery have been found to create a healing environment in which people find it easier to recover from injury or cope with pain – which makes them ideal for hospitals and other caring spaces too.

These are some of the key benefits of vertical gardens. Opting for artificial plants and foliage not only helps to minimise the maintenance likely to be involved but also gives you more options when it comes to how you use the vertical garden. Artificial plants don’t require natural light or ideal conditions and can still deliver all of these benefits even with minimal care.

If you’re interested in adding a vertical garden to your corporate/residential space, then look no further. our unique artificial wall solution is the perfect way to create a stunning vertical garden.


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