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Why Your Indoor Space Needs Vistafolia

When people talk about return on investment the question that inevitably gets asked is, “how much am I spending, how soon can I get it back, and what will I be making?” Arguably this covers almost everything that occurs throughout our daily life. It is so often the reason why you may choose to employ a maintenance company to mow your lawn. In this case you’re investing money but saving yourself money in the long run, but also, more importantly, time. Yes, you won’t have to purchase, store or maintain equipment, and you won’t need to deal with any waste. You will save yourself the hassle of pushing a lawnmower around your property. But the biggest return on your investment will be the time it gives you to live your life. Modern society is fraught with distractions and time is the most valuable asset available to anyone.

A large proportion of the global population live in high rise and apartment blocks and, as the urbanisation of our world continues, the crowded busy city lifestyle grows. For those lucky enough to have balconies or terraces where you could grow plants and vegetables it’s great. The only downside is the time and expense one takes on when maintaining plants. For some that is a good thing as getting your hands dirty is a great way to connect with nature. Others may not have time or the green fingers to keep those plants alive. The vast majority of plants require some sort of growing medium and a vessel to hold that and allow for the introduction of essential water and in a lot of cases fertilisers and pesticides. And while indoor plants can offer a lot of pro’s, one must weigh up some of the negatives, just as ongoing maintenance costs, and the very real possibility that the plants may simply die.

A simple, cost-effective way to bring the benefits of nature into the home or office where living plants may struggle or the upkeep and/or maintenance is costly or impractical is to use Vistafolia’s range of green walls and foliage. You can use this to create lush green environments bringing nature indoors 12 months a year regardless of the climate or situation. You do not need to concern yourself with a costly maintenance contract, or ever run the risk of forgetting to water your plants.

The same can be said of office environments. Adding greenery can benefit productivity, improve acoustic clarity and bring a sense of wellbeing. But choosing the right fit for your business is imperative. Living indoor green walls can be amazing, but a number of elements need to fall into place and you will never stop the requirement for maintenance. If your watering system fails or a water tank leaks, replacing plants is relatively straight forward if it is all at low level. Consider the cost and disruption if access equipment is required. Access equipment will require a lot of space to erect or manoeuvre. Plus, the mess and disruption this type of maintenance can cause in the office environment is high.

Why Your Indoor Space Needs Vistafolia

When looking at monetary costs associated in maintaining a living wall over a year a high-end figure could be upwards of £50 per square metre, not including access equipment or replacement plants. Spread that over 5 years and if you have a 40 SQM wall you have just spent £10000. Conversely, the Vistafolia artificial green wall requires virtually no maintenance, with only a light dusting from time to time needed to keep them looking their best.

Another big factor is that Vistafolia’s artificial green walls are generally very quick to install, and usually don’t require any costly frames or structural additions to a wall as they any weigh approximately 11 kg per sqm. When installed using our Vistafolia fixing the back of the finished wall will be offset by 10mm to the existing surface ensuring that any water that penetrates the green wall will shed off the face of the existing wall eliminating the possibility of damp issues. On the other hand, living walls require damp proof membranes and quite often large and substantial sub frames to ensure the weight of the structure is supported (upwards of 65kg per sqm when saturated).

The flexibility of the Vistafolia green wall system means that the transition from outdoor to indoor living means you can bring the best bits of nature into the house without any potential of mess or on-going cost. The biophilic benefits of nature in the workplace are well studied and documented. By feeling a connection to nature people will feel better and generally be more productive. By creating areas that mimic nature in your breakout and reception areas your staff and your guests will gain these benefits. It is a well-known that surrounding yourself with nature provides mental wellbeing benefits.

Why Your Indoor Space Needs Vistafolia

Biophilic design practices are long researched and proven to reduce stress and bring calm to a space. This occur when walking in the woods, lying in the grass or even just being in a room with natural elements in it. I like to think its like when you enter a room from the cold, and you see a fire roaring in the corner. You may not feel an immediate warmth but the sight of the fire tells your brain there is warmth and so you immediately feel the benefit. The same goes with our artificial green wall systems and foliage. When entering a room or coming into a space that surrounds you with greenery your mind automatically makes a connection with nature which brings on a sense of calm and wellbeing.

Inspired to find out more? Get in touch with us today and find out how our panels can brighten up your home or office, without any ongoing costs.


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