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Artificial Green Wall In A Multi-Family Complex

Artificial Green Wall In A Multi-Family Complex

Vistafolia Artificial Green Walls

The interest in Artificial Green Wall Panels has skyrocketed over the last few years as people start to realise the real benefits that come with them. Of course, there will always be the sceptics that denounce them as not being the real thing, but even living walls come with adverse properties. Vistafolia was founded by Paul Alder, an award-winning horticulturalist based in London who designed and developed the artificial green wall panels from scratch and has created a market leading product that continues to innovate and develop. Paul Alder’s vision was to combat areas where plants and vegetation cannot grow and to create an effective solution so that everywhere has access to the aesthetics of flora. Essentially, Vistafolia is here to accompany and compliment living plants, not to replace.

Benefits Of Vistafolia In A Multi-Family Complex

Using Vistafolia in a Multi-Family residential complex could be a blessing and help differentiate the residency from others, allowing it to stand out. The Vistafolia panels offer an ultra-realistic aesthetic that can be custom built into a wall as big or as small as you would like. Our artificial green wall is the most realistic looking green wall on the market, coupled with the benefit of requiring no maintenance, meaning no additional cost to the residents. The artificial foliage offers a vibrant and bold colour to an often urban looking and dull backdrop which can ultimately increase the value in the property. Adding Vistafolia to
your multi-family complex can help set the development from other residences, leading to increase

demand in the property and converting them into sales of these homes or apartments. Vistafolia is recognised as the leading artificial green wall panel in the market and this helps when it comes to beautifying your environment. This can positively impact the value of the property as in turn it becomes a nicer property to live; therefore, becoming more in demand. The artificial wall requires little to no maintenance and neither the weather nor season affect it’s strong, bold colours from being

The Science Behind The Artificial Green Wall Benefits

Studies have shown that people are drawn to nature and has seen studies of when moods are positively lifted when presented by nature and greenery. In this case the contrast between city living and the natural looking Vistafolia panels will further deepen that connection. The artificial living wall panels
offer a great first impression from its striking experience. Merge this with a happier customer, they are more likely to purchase a property. In fact, a recent survey undertaken by the Sustainable living index, which interviewed 2,800 apartment residents in Chicago, Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, Houston, Seattle, Southern California & Southeast Florida, 84% of them believe that living in a home that has greenery is vitally important to them and 85% of those believe it will benefit their health, and so considering including one in your development could be the key difference between your offer and other’s.

What Else?

Vistafolia has always been the leading artificial green wall product on the market for a wide variety of reasons and one of those is its breath-taking beauty and is ultra-realistic appearance. The product has a UV and Fire Rated that is unmatched in the artificial living wall market. The panels fire retardancy means that they do not aid the spread of fire, which means it is a safe option in a residential area. The UV rated means that the panels will not lose their bold colours for a minimum of 5 years.

Thinking Of Going For It?

Great! Get in touch with one of our team who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. From there, we will get you in touch with one of our resellers in the USA and you can make the purchase from there and talking about the added features that come with Vistafolia Artificial Green Wall panels


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