Artificial Green Walls

Green Foliage

Bugs and creepy crawlies are no picnic in Denver, Colorado.

What could be better than a leisurely breakfast in the garden on a sunny morning? A leisurely breakfast in the garden without having to share your croissant with all the local bugs and bees.

Although a garden filled with lush, natural vegetation can make a great setting for alfresco dining, it’s a fact of life that our insect population feels the same way. Many a BBQ and outdoor gathering with food has been spoilt by the arrival of unwelcome guests looking for a piece of the action.


As well as the nuisance factor, insects such as aphids, caterpillars and flea beetles are rife in places such as Denver and can quickly undo all the hard work that has gone into your garden as they feed on flowers and plants. Unfortunately, the only effective way to prevent damage from these interlopers is the use of pesticides which contain a variety of chemicals which are harmful to our environment.

More and more Colorado residents are tackling the problem of garden pests by substituting organic vegetation for modern, artificial foliage. Vastly improved processes mean that artificial grass and foliage looks naturally beautiful and, as it is usually recyclable, can be switched up with the seasons guilt-free. These great looking substitutes are the perfect solution to those who find themselves losing the battle when it comes to garden-wrecking insects. As well as healthy looking greenery, green walls for gardens can be customized to reflect their location; such as the addition of color boxes of pink flowers as a nod to Denver’s beloved begonias.

Whole gardens can be created using artificial turf, green walls and filled planters to allow families a safe, hassle-free and eco-friendly place to relax during the Summer months. As an added bonus, artificial foliage is virtually zero maintenance, giving you more time to play with the kids or just hang out with friends.