Innovative Green Escalator

Innovative Green Escalator

Vistafolia is truly becoming the artificial green wall of choice on the global market. Customers all around the world are beginning to reap the benefits of having the number one product, with the most realistic foliage available anywhere, hand-designed and hand-assembled and fully tested to international standards.

Take the Waasland Shopping Centre in St. Niklaas, Belgium as a prime example. Featuring some of the world’s most recognizable brands, the center is only interested in high quality, and that’s where Vistafolia comes into its own. With our ultra-realistic Signature Panels, any space can be transformed, creating a lush tapestry of instant greenery, that requires no ongoing maintenance, for everyone to enjoy. The product is easy to use and can be adapted to any shape or size, no matter how unusual.


By working in close collaboration with AnyGreen, a partner of Vistafolia in Belgium able to offer them a turnkey solution, the client got exactly the look they were looking for, installed professionally with a minimum of disruption, creating a stunning visual point of interest for shoppers. This particular project posed an interesting for Vistafolia – how would the panels look if they weren’t installed on their usual vertical plane? The product has been hand designed with careful attention paid to planting groups and blending greenery across panels and intended to be mounted in a certain way. But the diagonal nature of the escalators meant that the product would need to be mounted at a 45-degree angle.

The result? A completely unique and fascinating focal point that works just as well as a panel installed on a standard axis. The use of additional foliage from our range of colour boxes helped to enhance the finished wall, adding additional bursts of color and bold textures to bring the installation to life.

From the outset, two points were crucial for the client. The first was that the foliage had to look as realistic as possible owing to the fact that there would be a transition from the real plants and flowers found at the bottom of the escalator into the artificial vegetation of Vistafolia’s panel. A less-realistic product would surely have stuck out in this environment and completely ruined the illusion.

Secondly, the panels had to be safe for indoor use. Being a large commercial space, fire safety was of paramount importance. And because Vistafolia’s products have been rigorously tested to ensure they conform to the high standards that the industry demands, they were deemed to be perfectly suitable for this project.v