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Rooftop terrace Green Walls

Barcelona Green Wall Roof Terrace

Artificial Green Walls Barcelona

Vistafolia® provides a fuss-free, green decorative element to complete a stylish interior or exterior design scheme.

The owners of a luxurious, Barcelona serviced apartment wanted an attractive ‘finishing touch’ to the roof terrace vertical garden, which affords fantastic, panoramic views of Barcelona’s famous sights, and directly overlooks the exclusive superyacht marina, OneOcean Port Vell. Located in the Barceloneta beach area, the flat is a sought-after deluxe tourist accommodation. Vistafolia® can also be used for restaurant and hotel interior and exterior design concepts.

A relaxing space for lounging, the spacious terrace is a favourite, private area for guests taking in the amazing views of the city, including the Mediterranean Sea, Barceloneta beach, Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia, Montjuic mountain and the Columbus Column. The terrace is the perfect spot to watch Barcelona’s beautiful sunset.

With opaque glass panels on one side and a concrete wall on the other, the terrace provides a pleasurable rooftop sanctuary for guests during their stay, an outdoor room where they can sink into the comfortable sun loungers and idle in enclosed privacy. The terrace is also equipped with an outdoor shower.


A green wall was desired to heighten the mood of utmost luxury. The owners explored various options to incorporate greenery into the space and found Vistafolia to be the perfect, ‘obvious’ solution.

Rooftop spaces are often challenging areas for live planting, where extreme exposure to sun, wind and rain may lead to plant failure. Living walls create additional complications relating to load-bearing, adequate irrigation mechanisms and ample light levels. The rooftop environment needs to be structurally sound to bear the added weight of planting and soil, an irrigation system or artificial lighting, and should be well-placed to take in enough sunlight. For many homeowners, building and maintaining an artificial green wall on a roof terrace simply entails too much effort. For rental apartments, a green wall can be doubly stressful. The living wall will have to be regularly maintained and watered, causing potential disruption to guests.

The owners found Vistafolia’s UV-stable panels to be just the right cladding product for the concrete wall, which is exposed to direct sunlight from 11 am on wards. Temperatures can also soar to above 35 degrees Celsius in the summer months, making the rooftop environment inhospitable for real plants. With our maintenance-free and weather-resistant signature panels, they need not worry about plant survival and watering, especially during the peak summer season. The UV-protected panels deliver vibrant green year-round, creating an uplifting atmosphere for guests enjoying the spectacular rooftop views.


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Unlike living plants, an artificial Vistafolia green wall thrives throughout varying weather and temperatures and without natural light. Where real plants would quickly wilt, a Vistafolia green wall continues to flourish, looking attractive all year.

Unlike living plants, an artificial green wall from Vistafolia is:

  • Fire retardant and tested to the highest standards
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance and low overhead cost
  • Much lighter weight, so suitable for weaker fence panels


Unlike other competitors on the market, Vistafolia is tested to the highest standards and provides the longest guarantee on the market. We also provide a full service, from consultation, design and research to aftersales care and customer satisfaction.

Vistafolia provides a full service:

  • Unique three panel solution, eliminating boring repeating walls
  • Customization for seasonality or color theme with our color and texture boxes
  • Market leading UV ratings and freeze/thaw testing
  • Constant research into new ways to increase sustainability in green walls

Why Choose Vistafolia?

Close up of White-Flowers within artificial green wall

Our 3-panel solution combines our A, B and C panels for randomised foliage placement. This means there’s no repetitive patterns.

beautiful realistic plant wall in office

Our panels seamlessly interconnect, and due to the varying patterns and compact planting, you will never see visible join lines or squares.

Vistafolia garden artificial green wall

We pride ourselves on our hyper-detailed artificial foliage. Each of our panels are packed with lush greenery and splashes of vibrant colors (if you wish).

Close up of artificial plant wall with lavender plants

To ensure a rich tapestry of texture, there are 72 lush plants per panel and 16 different varieties of plant included – all varying in height.

Sustainable Green Walls

Through our internal research and innovation, our artificial green wall panels can be recycled and re-purposed for a different means, making Vistafolia the only artificial plant wall supplier with the knowledge and ability to do this.

Combined with the research towards sustainable artificial foliage, Vistafolia is aiming to develop a sustainable product at all stages of its life cycle. Making our faux living wall the only choice for those who are looking for a more environmentally friendly product. You can find out more about our quest to create a more sustainable product here.

sustainable foliage
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