Architectural Gardens & Restaurant Feature Green Wall

Architectural Gardens & Restaurant Feature Wall

Increasingly the brand of choice for interior, garden designers and architects, Vistafolia extends creative possibilities with its excellent combination of aesthetics and function.

Designers value the flexibility Vistafolia Green Walls provides both a decorative and versatile Privacy Screening solution.

For architects and designers, Vistafolia enables them to create innovative planting displays that transform facades and featureless surfaces into stunning vertical showcases of colour, texture and composition.


Vistafolia’s signature panels provided a lush, natural setting for the Sleeper Bar, the famous pop-up bar for the design trade fair that has thrice won for best ‘pop-up bar’ at the Restaurant and Design Awards. Swedish designer Erik Nielsen wrapped the base of the bar all around with Vistafolia’s signature panels, and likewise dressed up the feature wall at the back of the bar.

Conceived as an inviting garden space, the Sleeper Bar was a cheerful meeting place for exhibitors and guests at the trade fair, to have a rest and a drink after spending hours walking around the many booths and talking business. Vistafolia’s luxurious foliage created a relaxing ambience, becoming the stunning focal point feature wall for people stepping into the restaurant and bar.

Such a spectacular setting would not have been possible without the use of artificial plants. Vistafolia upped the wow factor even more, by accentuating the display with lots of flowers, creating invigorating explosions of colour, a perfect showcase for this leading design event.

High-profile commissions and our amazing projects have created a buzz for Vistafolia in the design industry. Vistafolia is becoming quite well known among designers and also has taken off across sectors and global markets. Vistafolia is now the top product for artificial green wall systems not only for the UK market but for the whole of Europe and the United States as well, known as a dynamic, British brand with international appeal.